Post Turkey day report...

So Thanksgiving went relatively well, I ate until I was near to bursting, and it was totally unexpected. When I was eating I didn't feel like I was full and than all of a sudden it hit me, hard, I was beyond full. Argh! The kids ate a lot as well, Se loved pumpkin pie as well as the Tweedles. I don't know what pie Ju had but I believe pumpkin and I know she liked it.

I got some knitting done, I'm up to 2 whole repeats on the scarf, I did about a half a repeat last night and I got started on the strand work on the second mitten.

Well I'm off to make breakfast for the munchkins and get them ready to go "shopping", see you all tomorrow.

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    ETA @ 6:53pm: We went to Kohl's this morning, it was crazy busy, but my mom bought me 3 bras, so now I can have my boobs where they're supposed to be :P. Than lunch at Baker's Square and after that off to the Maplewood Mall. We saw Santa first and then did two rounds on the carousel, after all that we went to B&N and looked at books for a little bit. When all was said and done we went to dinner at my parent's house and now Ju is staying over night there and is going to help MamaTee (my mom) decorate the tree. Over all it was a good day, I missed going to some places I'd hoped to go too and I didn't get any knitting done, but I hope to do some in a little bit. Hope everyone's Black Friday went well. See you tomorrow.

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