This is so very cool.

I love technology, I'm typing this from my NDS XL in my living room. The wifi is working for now, it's been a real ass lately. So whats happening in my life. I'm behind on everything and attempting to play perpetual catch up. I'm busy knitting on overdue projects, looking for a job, fighting with a ten year old house and all it's gadgets from falling apart, along w/both vehicles. Kids are pains but I still love them. New dog, cute but whiny, named him Ragnar, pictures soon to follow. Ok, I've abused the comma enough for one post and I have kids to get to school, a dog to bathe, a house to clean for a slumber party and regular party, two rsvps to send for the girls to attend a few parties, and a quick get away to plan for, oye, ooo and more jobs to apply for too.