Last Day,.. of NaBloPoMo,,, I did IT!!!!

So I promised a better post today. It's been a lazy day with the kids, they're still feeling yucky. Not a bad but still haven't kicked it completely. Last night they decided to give daddy a taste of what mommy normally has to deal with, of course its when he wants to watch his two favorite teams play. And the game was only on satellite which is over at his parents place, so he had to miss the game. I feel bad for him but I wasn't going to leave knit night, I don't get out much as it is and he's been hunting a lot. So I don't feel super sorry but at the same time I do feel bad that he missed a game he really wanted to use.

I'm starting a pair of Firestarter socks for my m-i-l for christmas with the Fleece Artist Nova Socks colorway Sangria that I had purchased her. (links are Ravelry)

I'm now patiently waiting for my wool-ease so I can finish all the mittens I need to knit. Patience is waining.

I'm sleepy...

Well, I'm going to post now because it is technically tomorrow, even though I don't count it as a new day until I sleep. (Residual from working overnights at the casino)

I finished my 2nd thumbless mitten tonight, except for the end weaving, everyone oohed and ahhed over the mittens. No one looked at the inside though to see how well I stranded. Ah well.

You know I think I'm going to rethink this blogging tonight thing and try again in the morning. Sleep well all, sleep fast.


Almost to the end of it all....

So I'm posting early so that I don't run into issues coming home from Knit Night. T's take the monkeys over to his parents so he can watch the Packer/Cowboy game and I can still do knit night. Ain't that sweet. I'm still unsure about tomorrow night. Can you believe that the holidays are upon us and well I know I'm not ready. I think the time between Thanksgiving and Yule/Christmas has gotten shorter. Seriously.

My yarn for mittens hasn't come yet, still waiting impatiently :P. But I did find my missing yarn for my mom's gifts. YIPPIE!!! It was in the one place I didn't think I would stick it, of course. Now all that stuff is back on the list, but I have something knit already for her for the holidays themselves so I'll be happy if I get stuff done before the season is over.

Now I promised you some pictures so here we go:

Pattern: NHM #5 page 96
Source: Selbuvotter by Terri Shea
Materials: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Heather (both yarns) | 20% Wool, 80% Acrylic
Source: Jo-Ann's in Woodbury, MN
Color: Grey Heather | Color Number: 151
Color: Natural Heather | Color Number: 98
Needles: US 2 (2.75mm) Knitpicks 16" circulars
Started: November 16, 2007 | Finished: November 28, 2007
Notes: I actually finished on the 24th but I didn't weave in my ends until the 28th. These are a gift for Miss Vivian and I think they are just darling.

And a little view of Miss Ruby's gift:


Time is closing in....

So everyone is definately improving. I'm even knitting more again. I finished weaving in the ends on Viv's 2nd mitten and Ruby's 1st mitten and now I'm on the stranding of Ruby's 2nd mitten. I changed up the design a little and I really like it. Pics tomorrow, I promise.

Well two more days in November and I've not decorated, don't have cards yet, and don't have a clue on Holiday gifts for anyone other than what I'm knitting for people. And I've got a lot of that to do. I'm at 2 out of an absolute 18 finished I could cut six out of that and if it gets down to the wire probably 3 more but I'm hoping to get the 18 done. Now I have to wait for the rest of my wool-ease to get here for the other mittens after I finish this one. Also I'm still on the search for the yarn I purchased to knit up for my mom and that is really grating on my nerves that it's missing.

Well T wants to watch the Shrek Holiday special with me, so I'm going to go and get some more knitting done and blow my nose. Which reminds me, do any of you that bother to read this blog know of a way to definately kill germs on something you've knit. I was considering microwave or freezer, but wool-ease is machine washable (I believe) so I may just throw the mittens in the machine to take care of germs. The other problem is my Gran's scarf, that is all wool so I may have to find something to disinfect that, any ideas would be grand.

Have a nice night, sweet dreams, and if you live in a cold area -- Stay Warm.


Babble, Babble, ** Sniffle **, Babble...

Well my timing couldn't be any better. I needed to finish a book before tomorrow since it's overdue. And I finished just before midnight, so I can now get my post in. I frogged back and re-charted the thumbless mitts for Ruby, I had screwed up and decided it may be easier if I actually chart it out instead of just guessing, and now I just realized that I need to make another change to get it right, oye. I guess better now than later when I find out too late and get frustrated.

We're still all sick but the ickiness seems to be letting up some. The kids and I still have runny noses but the sneezing is way less and they seem to be in better spirits. Hopefully tomorrow is better, they are still very whiny and it can really grate on the nervous some days especially when I'm sick too.

T seems to be feeling better but this working second shift thing is messing with his internal clock. So I think he would be feeling much better sooner if he was just working his normal schedule. At least I won't miss knit night this week and I'm also hoping to go to the SnB thing on Friday but I'm not sure if it would be the best idea right now. Financially speaking. We'll see what the rest of the week brings.

I plan to get some serious knitting done tomorrow, but it's hard to say because just as much as T's schedule is messed up, so is mine and the kids. I hate it when our schedules get this much disruption, it really messes with things. Especially right after the whole upset of the gone hunting for a week, it can really affect the kids.

Well the months almost done and I'm hoping to keep up posting but I'm not planning on worrying about being before the time of the end of the day. And I'm not going to fret if I may not have enough time on a weekend or weekday, to where I'm down to the wire at 11:59pm hoping the computer will gear up fast enough so that I'm not late. It's been a little stressful making sure I'm here in time.

Also no more shows on after this next week, so I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to start doing fiber night on Mondays with G1 and G2, hope their still meeting.


I hate being Th*ick...

Man, I hate being sick, it gets old real fast. I only knit a few rows tonight, I really need to get my knit on. And I need to ask the hubby about Friday night and going to the Maplewood Mall to go see Debbie Stoller. I hope I can go.

Not much happening on the sickly front, the kids still feel lousy and so do mommy and daddy. Se has learned how to say "NO" quite well and also "Stop", which his sisters say to him quite regularly. Silly boy.

I'm hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to get some knitting done and get some pictures taken. I have some yarns that aren't shown with a pic on Ravelry and I would like to remedy that and my project photos.

Oh Man, I can not get the sneezes to go away, I hate sneezing. I think I blew out part of my back from sneezing so much, argh. Well I'm falling asleep typing this so I'm going to go finish cleaning the dining room and go to bed. Night all.


Quarantine Zone...

Wow, squeaking this one right on the wire. I've been sick all day and feel absolutely lousy, the kids aren't feeling well either so it's been real fun. T came home and he's still feeling yucky, so we're a fun bunch to be around. I'm thinking the house needs to be on quarantine. The kids and I, watched the Hallmark channel all afternoon and had a nap earlier on.

No knitting to speak of today, I'm feeling so achy that I just didn't want to pick up the needles. I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow and that this cold will kick it before Thursday. I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday, but I'm feeling lousy enough that I'm going to move the appointment again so I don't get anyone at the dentist office sick as well.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, may you all feel better than I and my family. I'm off to bed to hopefully kick this cold.

ETA: I just noticed that Blogger offers down to seconds of when your blog is posted but doesn't actually add/account for the seconds at all. So it show the time as 11:45:**, ** being whenever the seconds would be but only ever shows no matter how many seconds, 11:45:00, very odd.


Sickly... mittens...

It's bad enough that my days get wonky but when the week gets all screwed up like this, it can be really messed up in my head. Getting a head cold isn't helping, especially when all the kids have it too. Yippie.

I finished Viv's 2nd mitten other than the weaving in of ends and started Ruby's mitten this evening as well. I'm doing her colors opposite her sister's colors. And I had to do a little fudging to get it right for a no thumb version, but it should work out fine.

This is going to be a short post tonight. My jaws been hurting and this cold is hitting hard. So I'm going to say good night too you all and I'll be around tomorrow I'm sure.


Post Turkey day report...

So Thanksgiving went relatively well, I ate until I was near to bursting, and it was totally unexpected. When I was eating I didn't feel like I was full and than all of a sudden it hit me, hard, I was beyond full. Argh! The kids ate a lot as well, Se loved pumpkin pie as well as the Tweedles. I don't know what pie Ju had but I believe pumpkin and I know she liked it.

I got some knitting done, I'm up to 2 whole repeats on the scarf, I did about a half a repeat last night and I got started on the strand work on the second mitten.

Well I'm off to make breakfast for the munchkins and get them ready to go "shopping", see you all tomorrow.

  • Cadena in Peat

  • ---

    ETA @ 6:53pm: We went to Kohl's this morning, it was crazy busy, but my mom bought me 3 bras, so now I can have my boobs where they're supposed to be :P. Than lunch at Baker's Square and after that off to the Maplewood Mall. We saw Santa first and then did two rounds on the carousel, after all that we went to B&N and looked at books for a little bit. When all was said and done we went to dinner at my parent's house and now Ju is staying over night there and is going to help MamaTee (my mom) decorate the tree. Over all it was a good day, I missed going to some places I'd hoped to go too and I didn't get any knitting done, but I hope to do some in a little bit. Hope everyone's Black Friday went well. See you tomorrow.


    Turkey Day.... mmmm turkey...

    So it's Turkey Day and I'm making sure to post so I don't fail the challenge. Good times. As you all can see I'm posting early, I wanted to post when I new I could, because who knows what the day will bring. The girls are all dressed pretty, and Se is handsome as ever, needs a haircut but that will be remedied soon.

    Not much to say, I haven't been through the day yet, T and I are 1-1 in cribbage this morning, he missed being skunked by one point first game.

    I'm hoping to get some decent knitting in today, either a big chunk of scarf or a mitten near completion would be nice, and both would be awesome, but I doubt both. I tend to end up running after the children a lot when I'm there and don't get to get much time to just sit. T's at home visiting with his parents and there is football today so you can imagine how much help happens. M-i-l will busy with cooking and that stuff and my sis-i-l has a little baby to take care of and a very rambunctious almost 3 year old.

    Well I need to go find a sweater to wear and possibly change my shirt, we'll see what I find.

    Everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Enjoy your families.


    Just a run down of the evening...

    So when T got home this evening, I got ready and went out to do some me time. Being as I'm not very good at me time yet, I went and got some dinner and than went over to my friend Rachel's house to help unpack. Some day I'll get it figured out, but I feel bad that I couldn't help her actually move, so I've been going to her place when I'm able to get out alone and helping pack her things or unpack as it so happens. Her new home is so nice and her loft is wonderfully cozy and warm. I can't wait until she gets some chairs to sit in, so we can really relax in there.

    I got the second mitten started, worked on Gran's scarf some and in general just helped Rachel out where I could. We moved some things around and I'm sure will have to move some again to get it just right. I'm even going to give her a TV stand so we can knit and watch movies up there, of course I have to okay it with the hubby first and make sure it hasn't disappeared from the garage, we'll have to see how that all works out.

    Tomorrow is to be a long day, off to the in-laws, T has things to do in the morning so I'm sure I wont get much help until the afternoon. Hopefully I'll get a chance to knit some, I really need to get knitting in every day if I'm even going to get a fraction of my list done. My biggest goals are to get the mittens and bears done for the kids, the scarf for Gran, the socks for m-i-l and the mitts for f-i-l. The kids scarves aren't dire, they have plenty to bundle up in and my mom's stuff has to wait until I find the yarn and all of T's stuff is definitely at the end of the list.

    Before dinner this evening, I did what most that know me would be surprised about... I had a book spiral bound. I had a hard time watching them cut and punch my book, but I'm happy it was done. Selbuvotter (also here) was getting hard to knit from because it wouldn't stay open and now I've got no problem with that, it's awesome.

    Well I should rest for the busy day ahead. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow, and those that are in the US please have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

    Much to do...

    Holiday Knitting To-Do List

    Just a quick note, I'll post a bigger post later, just wanted all to see the fun that is the holidays. I doubt I'll get all these done, especially when some of the yarn has gone AWOL, oye. Here's hoping


    ...Cheeckan Good...

    Today we had oatmeal again, the kids love it, and I didn't over salt this time so things were good. The monkeys played their hearts out this morning and all laid down for naps at their regular times, it was great. I cleaned up my desk and the kitchen (some more) and started another holiday gift. This one is the scarf for my Gran, I wanted to get it started and the pattern figured out so I could have it as a take along knit. And if I don't think it's long enough, I found some places that sell the yarn and colorway.

    For dinner the kids and I had chicken pre stuffed with wild rice stuffing, white rice (there wasn't a ton of stuffing and the kids aren't big fans of it either) and mixed veggies. Se's teeth were hurting so bad he didn't want to eat dinner, so he ended up with baby food, he was hungry, he just didn't want the dinner I made.

    Before dinner and after naps, Courtney stopped by again with her Peanut, and the babes had a bawl playing and running around. I showed Courtney the wonders of Ravelry and we talked about some books we both like. Good times, I love it when people visit, it's a definite sanity break.

    T is home from hunting, no deer yet. Hope he gets some soon. I missed him and so did the kids, Ju even told him so on her own. She's such a smart girl, I sure do love those kids. And I love T, too.

    Not much knitting got done but if you look to your right side of the screen, you will see I've added a new section called Patterns. These are patterns I've created that you all can share, just don't claim them as your own, Thanks.

    Of course, it would help if I knew how to add pdf files. Anyone??

    ETA: Figured it out, googled it and found the answer I was looking for. :D


    Froggin' it.... I'll show you...

    Another on the wire post. Today was a long one but at the same time when I look back it actually flew by. Got up with the kids, did the whole routine, wound some yarn, payed some bills, received some yarn in the mail. Completely finished one mitten and played with the munchkins.

    This afternoon Courtney and her daughter "Peanut" stopped by and played with Ju and Se, the tweedles were down for naps, their craziness was a bit on the mellow side today but still they are 2. Peanut and my monkeys had a great time running around and playing like crazy. I invited Courtney and Peanut to stay for dinner but the playing so hard finally one out and the lil' one was wearin' down, so they went home. It was great to see the kids play and to see Courtney out and about. We decided we should definately do it again sometime.

    This evening after dinner and bedtime, I watched my shows and taped the ones required by hubby and knit. I worked on my socks, and frogged the second sock. The pattern got messed up somewhere and couldn't find the right place to start again. So I frogged the whole sock and will start it again after I get this one up to date. I have until Thursday to get caught up, than it's more mittens.

    Speaking of mittens, a lady on Ravelry had a whole bunch of Wool-Ease on major discount, for sale from her stash and the colors would work great for the munchkins. So I'm buying it off of her, it's going to be a mitten chrismahanaquanzayuleica this year for the munchkins and if I have time little mini teddies to match. Cross your fingers for me.

    So in ending I'm going to add some pics of my first ever stranded mitten. (Ju is my lovely model in the first pic :) )

    PS I opened my Harmony tips and oh my goodness they are impeccably smooth, yum, I can't wait to try them out.


    One down, way too many to go....

    Well my day started off some what better than yesterday, Se was crying at 6:30am but he didn't sound super upset so I let him cry a little longer and he settled down, so I didn't have to get up until regular time. The kids were in a better mood today, thank goodness. My mom came by around ten and we packed up the troops to go see my friends new place. It is super uber nice, very spacious and not worn down looking like their apartment. I loved how nice and fresh it looked and the paint job that was done in the house just screams my friend and her hubby's taste from as far as I could tell. Lots of stairs in the house too, so they'll be getting a good work out :P. I really loved it, and can't wait to see how all their things will fit and how her knitting/craft room will end up :D Yea!!!

    After that I picked up some Papa Murphy's for a treat for the kids because they were so good at the house, even with limited sleep. Mom stayed for dinner and it was nice, to have someone in the house that wasn't under 4 to talk to. There really is something to be said about adult vs child conversations.

    I watched some more worthless TV tonight instead of putting in Firefly and being smart about it. But I did finish a mitten, or at least all but two threads that need to be sewn in. I really hope that they are appreciated and liked. They're not perfect but I think I did a fine job with the stranding so hopefully they will last.

    Well off to bed after I take an Aleve for my cramps, yup it's that time of the month again, oh joy, oh rapture. Well night.


    Another day in the Jungle....

    So it's been another long day here at home. My mom stopped by for a little bit so I could run to the library and drop off an overdue book and pick up two that were on hold. Time to get reading. I also finished one of the mittens today other than the thumb and running the yarn through the top stitches and weaving in the ends. I've changed my mind on whom they are for now, when I saw how big they were I decided that maybe I needed to make a smaller thumbless pair for my youngest niece and give these bigger ones to her big sister. So I think that's what I'm going to do, I'll have to change Ravelry or at least add these in to my projects page.

    I watched the beginning and end of "The Little Princess" (middle was during my lib run) and "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" with Ju this afternoon, these are the classics with Shirley Temple in the former and the 1957 version for the later. For $5 at W-Mart, I purchased this box set of 20 classic movies, I figured they would all be pretty safe for the kids to see and better than daytime crap thats on.

    This evening the girls watched "Avatar: The Last Airbender" or something like that before bed. Than I flipped channels for a bit, re-watched the first two episodes of "Firefly" and than flipped some more. That's when I got most of my knitting done. I love Joss Whedon and can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

    Well I'm off to bed, hope all is well in your homes, mines in the midst of toddler craziness times four. May tomorrow be better than today, PLEASE!!!


    PS My KPs yarn came today YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!


    L&V, mittens, and craziness,

    So another crazy day in the life of me and mine. The children are stubborn, especially Ra lately, oye friggin' vay! T had his things to do and now is off doing it, being its that time of the year again. I was tired all day because of being up late to take care of some things and getting up early when my hubby woke me up at his normal time he gets up, ugh, 4:30a is way too early.

    So as the children were being insane I decided to make a pair of mittens from Selbuvotter, I know I was supposed to be working on the socks. But I need something small and quick, so I'm making toddler mittens for one of my nieces, probably the youngest, since I still owe her a pair of mittens. I'm having a great time stranding I hope they work out, I may make multiple pairs for all the little ones, nieces first.

    Well I'm going to go back to working on the mittens, and tomorrow I'm going to listen to L&V again, because the children totally upsetted my listening today.


    Ooo, yarn...

    * Orange Crayon, * Green Crayon, * Yellow Crayon, Pink Crayon, Red Crayon, Purple Crayon, Blue Crayon, Lily Pad Multi Essential, Pumpkin Gloss, Nickel Plated 16in Circular Needle Size 0 (2.0mm), Peat Cadena, Wood Needle Tips Size 8 (5.0mm)

    * indicates they are discontinuing

    This would be the order that is hopefully coming from KnitPicks soon. I plan to knit a blanket as a gift with the crayon; the Lily Pad Essential is for a gift for my dad; the Peat Cadena is for my f-i-l for a gift; and the needles are always needed (the 8s were to try out the wood, and the 0s were an accident :D); and the Gloss is for my hopefully stranded pair of fingerless mitts.

    Knit Night was good, I met a new person, Marge, very cool. And we talked about everything under the sun. I got one repeat done on one sock and almost done with one repeat on the other than I'll do the rest of my repeats on one than the other. After that its the heel flaps and I'll be all caught up. No knit night next week and after that holiday party decisions need to be made.

    Well I'm off, in more ways than one.


    Monkey Movie Mania ....

    The children have learned the wonder of TV, quite well, it's a treat when they are being good. And daddy bought them and me Shrek 3, so they are very excited to see it tomorrow. We've been on a Shrek kick lately and it's been driving me a bit batty watching the same two movies over and over the last few weeks. It will be nice to add to the repertoire.

    While watching Kitchen Nightmares this evening I made a knitted version of one of these, I plan to felt it soon and than we'll know if it works. I didn't have any elastic so I'm going to add that afterwards, and I didn't do any beads because I don't have any, It's something I'll have to look into.

    I still need to get some pics of my new Calorimetry to show you all. And I need to download my pics of T's new hat on to Flickr! for Ravelry, and so I can post it here. I may end up felting the Calorimetry a little because it still seems too big even on Size 5 US needles. Do any of you know if the stretch will still sort of be there if I only felt it a little?

    I have at the very least 1 large pan of lasagna to bake tomorrow and possibly my version of a pot pie for dinner tomorrow, we'll see how things work out. I also realized I need to at the very least scan if not type up some of my favorite recipes in case I lose them. My meatloaf recipe is missing and I thought I had lost my lasagna recipe, so it may not be a bad idea.

    Well not much to talk about, I worked on my Nov Mystery Socks some more today and I'm hoping I've got them all figured out, 3.25 repeats on one sock to go and 3.6 repeats on the other one. More tomorrow and hopefully some pics.


    I want one of these "guys"...

    Especially Copper, too cute I say, way to damn cute.


    Of course not that I need another living thing in my home or anything. Oye.

    Another late night talk with me...

    So I'm definately on a late night strike, I just seem to have trouble sleeping lately, don't know if it's the moon or my coming period or just day to day craziness but it helped get some knitting done tonight.

    I worked on my Nov Mystery Socks, both cuffs are done and the first row of the second clue (leg of the sock), I plan to work on the pattern tomorrow, doing one repeat on one sock and than doing the same to the other. I'm now knitting them both on separate magic loop needles, I did the cuff on dpns. I'm loving the look of this pattern and can't wait to get them done so I can wear them. This is great fun, and my first time hopefully finishing a pair for the sock-a-long.

    I also want to make myself a couple of sets of these. They are so cool, I just need to figure out a knitted version, but it shouldn't be too tough. I have some ideas I'm going to try out real soon.

    I was also surfing the web and found some really neat needle holders and thought, I could make those, shoot I have a bunch of fat quarters I originally was going to make into a quilt that would work great. Now I just need to do it. I also found these really cool dpn holders that I'm now going to have to sew up.

    Well off to bed I go, see you all tomorrow.

    PS I officially finished my Calorimetry, I sewed on the button today.


    FO :: Calorimetry and one Crazy day...

    Well I finished my Calorimetry other than sewing on a button, this evening during Heroes. It fits a little better than the last one, now to find just the right button.

    I'm posting uber late tonight because I got sucked into tv land, damn time sucking vortex. I really need to learn to just turn it off earlier. I would have knit more after I finished the Calorimetry but my hands were hurting last night and tonight when I knit, I think it was the yarn.

    The children were insane again this evening, Ra was being extra naughty all day today. She was pushing every button she could, figuratively and literally. I love my children but they can some days really know how to push, fortunately when they get like that I don't overreact I tend to more often get calm and just send them to the coroner and than call my hubby and tell him they are driving me nutty. Or I go and knit and calm down before I have a talk with her. I know she's only 2 and some change so I try not to be unreasonable, but no means no and she has enough chances to stop that she should at least get the whole stop doing it thing. I count and that usually works but not today with her, she is a stubborn one just like her daddy and mommy. I'm just happy I can look back and laugh now. I sure do love those goofy kids.

    Se is learning to push now too, he loves to pull all the pans off their shelf when I'm in the kitchen cooking, oye.

    Well tomorrow I plan to work on my socks and hopefully find the large amount of missing yarn that is all for one project, argh.

    Night all.


    Entertainment Abounds... or Not

    So today wasn't very entertaining, the kid were crazy this morning, T was gone out hunting/scouting for muzzle loader season, and when he got home I finally got to leave. I of course left way later than I intended, and I'm super frustrated because I'm missing some very important yarn and I'm fairly certain I've searched all the places it could be and it isn't. The yarn is for my mom's hat, scarf, fingerless mitt set and I wanted to swatch for the mitts today if I found the time. The yarn is also discontinued Memories colorway Red Hat, so I'm getting uber frustrated.

    After the yarn search, I went over to my friends place to help her pack some of her stuff, she is moving Friday into her new home and is need of all the help she can get. I feel bad I can't help more, but this is the time of year in our area where many men and some women are hunting and not available. For our family, it can mean the difference between eating and having enough or not having enough and making sure at least the kids have what they need. Last summer we had a rough spot where if we hadn't had the venison in the freezer it would have been even tighter and tougher to live. It can be a hard concept for those not from the area to get, it's definately different than other places I've been. And my friend is right, it would be nice to have something that we could do that meant we were gone for two whole weekends plus and it all be in our eyes fun. I don't consider Ren Faire to be part of this because I'm working and I'm working hard. But like fiber/knitting camp would be really cool to do sometime, or maybe a trip to Rhinebeck or the like.

    I forgot to tell you last night that my Ravelry shirt arrived. I showed it to my husband but he was like "I don't get it", I showed it to my friend who's a knitter and she laughed. So I guess this isn't a shirt for the slow or unknowing, but I think I'm okay with that. I'll try to get a picture for the blog tomorrow when hubby gets home.

    Well off to bed, busy day tomorrow, lots of dishes to clean from the weekend and some laundry to finish, and a ton of sorting to do also. And don't forget all that holiday knitting. Oye.


    Mmmm Pie....

    So not much in the land of knitting happened today, I made pies instead. Today was the pie party/m-i-l's 50th surprise birthday party, I made Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie, it was very good. Very cinnamon-y, but very good. I think my m-i-l's pie was the best, but that was really no surprises, my mom's was very good too, but wasn't officially a pie so I don't know if it would have qualified for the vote that we never actually took :D. I think I'm destined to be the one that makes the good but odd pies and I'm kind of okay with that.

    The kids had a really good time and got to play and eat sugar to their hearts contents, fortunately they wanted veggies too. My m-i-l purchased a ball pit type bouncing thing that they all love.

    I think that my m-i-l really liked the rolling pin we (I) got her, it was a hand turned french style rolling pin and it was really nice. I really hope she liked it as much as she said she did.

    Well today was a very long day, so I'm thinking it's bed time, I did knit a few rows on my Calorimetry but not much. I just didn't have the time. It was really great to see so many friends and I finally got the measurements for my m-i-l feet so that I can make her a pair of socks for the holidays. I'm also making plans for an original fingerless mitts design, here's hoping it all works out :D.

    Well night all, see you tomorrow.


    Thundersnow Redux...

    So I'm just hanging out with the monkeys and T's Aunt Karen and her son Ben and the kids are playing and Karen and I are having conversation, when Boomm, Rumble, Rumble, Rummmble. Thundersnow, and it was really coming down. It was so cool, I love anomalies like that. I also sent Karen to a lys she hadn't been to before, Knit'n from the Heart. I hope she likes it.

    I worked on the sock last night and my calorimetry this morning/afternoon and I got a short snooze in after watching Simply Irresistible with Ju. So overall it's been a decent day. The kids are waking and I still have Mexican chocolate pies to bake for tomorrow and outfits to find. T and I are also supposed to be going out tonight for our annual before hunting season date. We're going to go see a movie and do a little house shopping, should be interesting.

    Well I should go, you all have a great evening and I'll be posting tomorrow.


    It's very loud today.....

    So today has been a day, lots of yelling and screaming (not all bad) but very loud. The tweedels are extra whiny today, I'm figuring they may be growing. Last night I think, no I swear, Se said "Whasthat" just like that. it was awesome and T missed it.

    I'm nervous about doing the next part of my Mystery Sock there seems to be a lot of confusion, I'm going to be sure to put in a life line for the cuff. I'm going to switch to magic loop for the leg of the sock because I have the needles for it and I can actually do both socks on their own needles. Should be interesting :D.

    I also want to knit another project but I have so many to do that I'm a bit overwhelmed as to where to start. I think I may dig out my calorimetry, although I could also start the mitts for my mom. I still don't know what socks to knit for my m-i-l, I'm going to have to measure her this weekend. Of course, getting her to stay still long enough to do this is near impossible but fingers crossed.

    Tonight is my Shire's Business Meeting, and than off to knitting and I'm going to bring my spinning wheel and maybe even get a lesson. We'll see if I do this or not but I'll try. I also need to get the ingredients for a pie, of course I have no idea what I'm making yet, that's my next goal before I leave. So I'm off to do that and listen to my tweedles whiny away, oye I've got a headache.


    Meme thing

    You Are Mashed Potatoes

    Oridnary, comforting, and more than a little predictable
    You're the glue that holds everyone together.

    You Are The Cranberry Sauce

    A little sweet, a little sour - you've got the flava!
    Though, you do tend to squish in people's mouths...

    Free Rice....

    For Each word you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to those in need, to end world hunger.

    It's kind of fun and you get to help someone out, how cool is that.

    I finished the fingerless mitts for my friend last night and woven in the ends today. I'll take pictures and post them soon. The yarn was a lot like a pencil roving, I could probably buy a ball and re-spin it. It actually split on me near the end, it pulled apart just like roving. You know now that I think about it, I may just do that.

    I'm now in the process of deciding what to go forward with next.

    Most of this I would like to do before Xmas but I'm in serious doubt, for one I'm not working on the shawl until after the holidays. The socks for hubby are unlikely as well. Mom's scarf will be after I do the mitts and hat, for sure, and that leaves still a whole lot to do.

    I guess that means I should get my butt (hands) knitting, and this will really be fun when I go to the dentist after Thanksgiving, yippie.


    It's HERE...

    The Winter 2007 Interweave Knits cam in the mail today, YIPPEE!!! Funny I also got my new check cards and checks, good day for the mail. Of course all this good mail karma means that my children are being exceptionally whiny, it's awesome.

    So I'm think I really want to make the Celtic Tote, and I'm thinking maybe the yarn that is supposed to be used for it would be cool too. I don't think I've ever used the yarn suggested in a pattern before, so that would be really neat to do.

    I finished the Tasseled Earflap Hat last night (sans tassel) for hubby, I decided to frog the whole thing and reknit and it looks a lot better. I'll take pictures tonight when he gets home, and now there is a request to make the Calorimetry for him (he uses it as a face guard) in the orange because he is feeling a bit on the colorful side with a green face mask, orange hat, and dark blue fingerless mitts. I guess it's just too much. We'll see.

    Calorimetry Repurposed

    The Infamous Fingerless Mitts for Hubby

    Pattern: Fingerless Mitts pattern
    Source: Twin Rib Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers by Dawn Adcock but I made quite a few changes for my hubby's special needs.
    Materials: Cascade 220 Heathers | 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
    Original Purpose: Purchased for this purpose
    Source: LYS, I can't remember which
    Color: Heathered Blue | Color Number: 9414 | Lot Number: unknown
    Needles: unknown size (Knitpicks)
    Started: January 24, 2007 (?) | Finished: February 18, 2007

    These were a pain to knit and seemed to take a lot longer than they actually did to knit because of mistakes and nagging from the hubby.


    It's Snowing.....

    Well it isn't staying but we do have the first flurries of the year. I tried to take pictures but the snow doesn't want to be photographed. So I took this test instead :D...

    NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool Light-Weight Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

    No knitting questions but what do ya do. I got this from someone else's blog but I can't remember who's because I was just doing the click links thing.

    I did get out yesterday after about one o'clock, but T kept calling me so I felt rushed for being out and enjoying myself. I went to the yarn shop Knit'n from the heart in Woodbury and helped a lady figure out how to do a k2, p2 rib, that was cool. Then I grabbed dinner and headed over to Rachel's to help her pick up boxes and go have a visit at Starbucks and knit. It was great to hang out with my friend again, I missed the time we used to hang out together. I'm really excited for her that she is going to be a homeowner soon and have such a great new place to live.

    At the yarn shop I purchased some yarn and a magazine to knit T a hat that was on the cover. The yarn is Cascade yarns Lana Grande in a great burnt orange and the magazine is Knit Simple Fall 2007, it's a really cool pattern. Only problem is that his head is bigger than the pattern can handle so I had to figure out how to up it and then when he tried it on this morning it was a bit to shallow so I need to pull back my decreases and fix that, I may just frog the whole thing and start again my added on stitches suck, but I'm kind of mad at the hubby right now so I may say I don't care. Also just a note, 2 hour pattern took 4 without tassels and braids and crochet, and I need to find a crochet hook somewhere size K.

    Well the natives are restless so I'm going to go get breakfast started and hope they chill.


    What am I going to say.....

    So I'm going to write about the start of the mystery sock for the SKA group on Ravelry. I'm really liking the pattern but I'm hating my cast on and I might frog it and start over, it was too loose a cast on and left it kind of yucky looking. I'm thinking on it, at least it isn't too tight, maybe when it stretches it will look better. I'll probably cast on a second sock and see how it looks and if I still don't like the first one I'll then frog and reknit.

    On another note, I'm also in need of working and finishing the latest pair of fetchings, I'm just kind of getting bored with the pattern, I think it's just that I've knit 2 pairs and I'm on my third. I was going to knit my mom a pair too, but I may do something different.

    I'm supposed to get to go out and about today, but we'll see what happens, I'm thinking a coffee shop and some quite knitting is in order. Here's hoping.

    Also, don't forget to change your clocks back one hour if you live in a place that does that. It's that time of year again.


    If I could be sweet.....

    So I'll do a couple photos today for my post. Later I'm going shopping with my mom, we're just going to get out of the house together with the kids. It should be nice, now that I no longer live there, we fight way less. That's not to say that we don't fight, but it's like a once a year thing instead of 30 times a day thing (just so you know that was an exaggeration), I guess were a lot a like, I just like to think I'm cooler and way less annoying. Which means that I have the same view every child has of their parents, they are so not cool and they embarrass us, not that she does that anymore. But on another tangent, I'm going to show you some pics and explain them as the month goes by:

    Or Not, the server is down and the kids are being insane so I'll try again later for the pics.

    AOTN: Fetching for a Friend, November Mystery Socks, and a bunch of UFOs that should be.

    (AOTN = Actively On The Needles)


    In addition...

    Freebie Friday....
    "Earn a second entry by posting about the contest on your own blog, and linking to this post. Don’t forget to post soon enough that your own readers have a chance to join in the fun!"

    Day 2... almost missed it.

    So I'm downstairs watching Scrubs and realized its 11:15pm and I haven't blogged yet, so here I am.

    Today was one of those days, the kids testing their limits, T home but not able to really help because he was busy getting ready for the hunting season and getting the truck fixed. And me with a headache and a dead phone so I over slept and had to deal with that aftermath, fortunately the kids were still kind of sleepy when I got up, so I guess we all slept in.

    I took a bunch of photos today of current projects for Ravelry and to do a needle recovery operation. I didn't get any knitting done, but I will for surely be knitting on Sunday. That's the day that I get to get out of the house on my own cause hubby feels bad that I was cooped up with the kids for most of the weekend for the third weekend in a row. I figure its just par for the season and I appreciate that he tries.

    Knit night was good last night, lots of conversation and lots of me not shutting my mouth even when I know I should. I just crave the verbal communication that I tend to get a little overzealous sometimes. It's something that needs work and I've broken it down to something that really only happens every couple of months, so I seem to be improving, at least from my end I think I am. Other than that Knit Night was good, tomorrow I'm writing up the info for our Holiday get together, we have a lot more people in the group this year so it should really be fun.

    Well I'm going to go veg some more and I'll be seen you tomorrow.


    Dios de los Muertos

    So I'm going to attempt to do the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) this month. I'm hoping to really do well, I saved some FOs to blog on days that feel like there will be nothing to blog.

    Also today is Day of the Dead, so please stop and give a thought to all those that have passed on and hope they are in a better place, or at the very least no where at all (if you don't believe in that kind of thing). The dead live in our memory, so maybe share a tale of a beloved passed family member, it may just feel like they are with you again, even if it's just for the moment.

    The monkeys went out last night, they did real well but it was pretty chilly. Se came home before the rest finished, he kept trying to abandon ship and T got frustrated. The kids hit a few more blocks/houses and than came home with their little hands and cheeks chilly. We had way less trick or treaters this year and of course over bought the candy, oye. Guess I'll have some sweets to eat.

    Well not much else is happening here, it's Knit Night tonight and I'll be tired tomorrow but I'll be sure to post. Maybe this will become a habit and I'll actually keep it up.

    AON: Fingerless Mitts for a friend and Scarves for the twins