One down, way too many to go....

Well my day started off some what better than yesterday, Se was crying at 6:30am but he didn't sound super upset so I let him cry a little longer and he settled down, so I didn't have to get up until regular time. The kids were in a better mood today, thank goodness. My mom came by around ten and we packed up the troops to go see my friends new place. It is super uber nice, very spacious and not worn down looking like their apartment. I loved how nice and fresh it looked and the paint job that was done in the house just screams my friend and her hubby's taste from as far as I could tell. Lots of stairs in the house too, so they'll be getting a good work out :P. I really loved it, and can't wait to see how all their things will fit and how her knitting/craft room will end up :D Yea!!!

After that I picked up some Papa Murphy's for a treat for the kids because they were so good at the house, even with limited sleep. Mom stayed for dinner and it was nice, to have someone in the house that wasn't under 4 to talk to. There really is something to be said about adult vs child conversations.

I watched some more worthless TV tonight instead of putting in Firefly and being smart about it. But I did finish a mitten, or at least all but two threads that need to be sewn in. I really hope that they are appreciated and liked. They're not perfect but I think I did a fine job with the stranding so hopefully they will last.

Well off to bed after I take an Aleve for my cramps, yup it's that time of the month again, oh joy, oh rapture. Well night.

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  1. I'm sure they'll love the mittens. Hope there's lots of relaxing knitting time in your day today.