Today is the big day, I'm 26, it doesn't feel any different than 25 but there it is. My parents got me a new nose ring since I some how lost my precious emerald, ::pout::. T didn't know what to get me so I told him to let me buy yarn, he wanted to get me the chair I've been wanting but its too much $$ right now. I told him it was the thought of him trying to find me something that counted. I got C1 to say "Happy Birthday Mommy", she has her version and she isn't hot on saying Mommy so she says "Me" at the moment of course because she doesn't want anything :P. My 'rents are taking me out to dinner tonight, I chose Olive Garden because it is fairly family oriented. This way there isn't any dishes to do. T goes in to the doc this afternoon to get a cyst removed from his back, it's been bugging him a lot, the last one was cancer free, so here's hoping this is too. I'm not too worried, cysts run in his family. Sorry about the run ons, I'm a bit tired and trying to get my lunch down before I have to pack up the girls and go go go.

On the yarn front, I bought a bunch of Sockatta, it's all discontinued colors and they're very pretty, I can't wait to get knitting them.

Well I should run, enjoy your day.


Well it's mostly over .....

The gift giving and receiving is mostly over, We have some Santa gifts to get at the in-laws on New Years Eve and a birthday to celebrate (although I don't expect anything for that, I've mostly gotten all my gifts already) but other than that, the chaos is done. The in-laws opening was chaos to its infinite end, paper everywhere and presents opened with no order at all, T and I were greatly bummed to miss the opening of some peoples gifts. We did it differently at the my 'rents, youngest to oldest, simple and orderly, the girls didn't mind nearly as much as I suspected they might because of the opening chaos the night before. Either way the girls made out like bandits and now its time for the new annual tradition of weeding out toys to give to goodwill.

On another note, the whole family now has a similar version of a pain in the ass cold, even the littlest is sneezing and coughing a bit. T is miserable and so am I, the girls are just whiny and tired from all the excitement. T and I spent most of our day today folding clothes and sorting out what we no longer need or want and putting gifts away. My 'rents got us a coffee pot with to thermos cups in it, well the water reservoir in the coffee maker has a hole in it so if you over fill it with water it leaks out all over the counter, we're going to return it for something without a hole. I also got the Corelle dishes I've been pineing over for quite a while and a gift card to go buy more if I would like. I also got the coolest cookie jar, I'll have to take a picture later, its actually a cookie 'jug' looking like an old jug, it is totally 70s but I love it, its an antique too, :D.

Well its about to be dinner time, I'll update some more later.


christmas meme

From here. I read her's and thought I would give it a shot.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? hot chocolate. Egg nog, yuck.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? We wrap, but santa isnt big here yet.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? colored, but that is what my tree came with.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? We had a bit over our house entrance but being two years old now it's just a stick.

5. When do you put your decorations up? We try to do it the weekend after Turkey day, but it was a little later this year, I hope to do more decorating once the kids leave stuff alone.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? MIL's stuffing when she makes it, otherwise my shortbread is darn good if I dont say so myself.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Waking up early, like 5 or 6 am, going downstairs to see what was under the tree and then running back up to wake up my parents so they would come down, so we could open gifts. When I was old enough I would make coffee so they would wake up faster.

8 . When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? Dont remember.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We do the in-laws on the eve and my fam on the day. Our 'little family we do on Yule.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? We buy ornaments every year one for each person and so it is just a mix of ornaments and lights.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it, now where is it, by march I want it gone though.

12. Can you ice skate? yup.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? My stereo was pretty cool in middle school, but my antique cookie jar was pretty awesome too.

14. What's your favorite thing about the holidays? people's faces when they open a gift they really like.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? shortbread and those little cookies that are dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, lady fingers?!?!

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? The youngest to oldest opening of gifts.

17. What tops your tree? This year a fairy bear, other years a poinsetta star, I try to rotate.

18. Which do you prefer giving or receiving? giving. Now if I only could find the perfect gift for everyone on my list every year.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? no real favorites here.

20. Candy canes yuck or yum? yum. but only the real ones, the fruity ones are okay but the peppermint are the best.

21. What's number one on your Christmas list this year? for our fam to be safe. Now for my birthday, 3 days later, a swift and some yarn would be good.


Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Off to the In-Laws we go :D !!!!


Merry Yule!!!

I'm sick. Of course this happens on the day that I need to cook a full turkey dinner and have no time to knit or rest. I'll post pics later. This is also the night that we open presents in our "small" family, then off to Hubby's 'rents on Christmas Eve and my 'rent on Christmas day, both all day events and exhausting. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a few washcloths done to give as stocking stuffers, but we'll see. This head cold and fever thing sucks and it fortunately hit the hardest after I'd finished doing most of what needed to be done. Either way I feel lousy and I'm going to go to bed, I'll leave you one pic of my C1's socks taken with my new camera, not the best pic, not the camera's fault either. Yippie, new toys.

PS I just finished the newest Laurell K. Hamilton book Mistral's Kiss, It left me wanting more, sometimes I hate that in a good way. Cant wait to see what Merry will be up to next. Keep on writing Laurell, we love you.


It's hard to get an almost 3 yr old to sit still....

Sorry my camera phone sucks.

Sock info, pics to come

The C1's socks are finished, I'll post some pictures after I borrow my 'rents digital camera. Although, I may scan them tomorrow, too. They are very cute.

Pattern: Class Sock
Source: Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Materials: Plymouth Encore D.K. | 75% Acrylic 25% Wool | Color: 455 | Lot: 22860
Needles: US 6 (4.00mm) Knitpicks 24" circulars and US 6 (4.00mm) Susan Bates dpns (one type for one sock and one for the other)
Started: Last week some time | Finished: December 18, 2006

32 sts, 3" to the heel flap, 16 row heel flap, short row heel, 3.75" heel to toe, kitchener stitch toe, fits a infant/child size 6 (my 2 1/2, almost 3 year old)


Socks and my Daughter

I'm loving sock knitting. all I want to do now is buy sock yarn and knit socks :D. C1(child one, daughter the first) saw me knitting my first sock and trying it on to see how my foot progress was going, so she says "sock, sock" and I'm "yup, its going to be a sock" So she repeats and holds out her foot, I'm like okay and go find her some socks, she wont put them on, holds out her foot again and repeats "sock, sock" so now I'm knitting her a pair of socks and mine are on hold until I finish the second one. I also need to figure out how to fix a hole in her second sock because I seem to have not picked up a stitch in the right place, I'm not going to ripit because she is most likely only going to wear them around the house, they're of dk weight yarn and a bit bulky. She looks cute in them though, I'm going to make a matching pair in the same size so that the twins will have them when C1 grows out of them. Did I mention I'm loving sock knitting?

I've also learned I prefer dpns over circular needles, the yarn harlot was right.


Bad new Computer, Sock fun.

Well I sort of have internet again, I'm still having technical difficulties and it will be hit or miss. grr. Anywho, my computer had to go in it is having major issues and has been completely wipe-ed a couple of times and still no work. grumble, grumble. I'm using my hubby's today, but it is definitely not the same. I'm almost done with my first sock, YEAH ME. And I'm loving it. I need to buy much more sock yarn and then learn many patterns. I've turned my heal and picked up my stitches and I'm now doing the instep decreases. But right now, right now I'm going to go cuddle with my oldest and maybe take a nap, I was up knitting way to late last night :D. Chat again later.


Ballband 3 (really 4 , maybe even 5, I think)

Pattern: Ballband
Source: Pattern is a copyright of Peaches & Crème. You can find the pattern on the label of their 100% Cotton Yarn.
Materials: Peaches & Cream and/or Sugar n' Cream
Needles: US 9 (5.50mm) Knitpicks 24" circulars
Started: Unknown | Finished: December 1, 2006

This is the last washcloth I'm going to knit for my m-i-l, at least for a while, others need there share as well.


Books and news and New look to blog....

So what do you all think of the new look, I think I'm liking it, now if I could find a really nice top pic or something, in time it should come. Man is it chilly today, I'm hoping it will snow soon, I love snow, at least at the beginning of the season. By March/April, I've had my fix.

I've been looking at books online, I'm going to wait a bit but I'm definately adding more to my list. Mosaic Knitting by Barbara Walker ISBN: 094201815x is super cool and so is 200 knitted blocks by Jan Eaton ISBN: 1564775968 and I guess I should give you the info on Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch ISBN: 1564775704

Oh so many books, so little time. I'm finishing up another Ballband for m-i-l and then I may try some mosaic knitting, we'll see there are a lot of other projects I needed to do. I'm going to knit the twins' scarves on one circular both at the same time in just a garter stitch so that all the girls have the same and then I may need to go looking for some blue colored homespun for babe4.

Well I've knitting to do and a blog to play with :D and a daughter to keep out of trouble and a babe to feed boob to, so see yas.


Sorry for the Pause

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this, I've been uber busy and the world with a fourth child seems to never stop. I've done some small decorating for the holidays, I bought a four foot prelit tree for our plant top so the munchkins can keep there hands off. I'll probably put gifts up there as well, pictures later. I knit two scarves for T's visiting family, of course i forgot to take any sort of pictures but they were finished before they went out to find some snow, being as we have a lack of at the moment. It's hard to decorate for the holidays when there isn't any snow. Any who, I didn't finish the one with the Suri Dream, I just don't like the yarn, I may still finish it for a gift for someone else, but we'll see. It really isn't the kind of yarn you can easily rip back, grr. I'm going to pay a bit closer of attention to the types of yarn I buy from now one, super bulky doesn't always mean a big thick fluffy yarn but more of a skinny with crazy fuzzy yarn, at least in this case. I really should get the twins' scarves up and going and finished soon, they'll need them if we ever get any snow. But first I'm going to do some nice easy cotton washcloths, I've not knit all week because of how rushed I felt doing the two scarves, I'm feeling bad about not knitting but I can't seem to pick up the needles because it felt more like a chore then something fun, maybe knitting group next week will help me get into the groove.

Hope all had a great Turkey day, I know mine was over filling. :D


Books to buy.....

So I'm fighting myself on if I should buy Sensational Knitted Socks and Knitting Vintage Socks now or be a good girl and wait a bit. It's just that T goes out and spends all this money on hunting stuff and there is so much knitting stuff at great prices right now out there that I want to buy too. He came home with two new compasses as they were a "great deal" and I would love to use that excuse but he would have it, yet I'm supposed to just go with the flow, argh. I want these books but I don't necessarily need them right now, ah what to do, what to do.

By the way, one of these days I'll take a pic of the Kimono I knit my new little buddy, I promise :D

OTN: Scarf for T's cousin from Texas, hand towel gift, poncho for juju's baby doll, socks, another hat for my little buddy. Soon to be OTN: Scarf for T's cousin's daughter (she's 4), Scarfs for twins, possibly another ball band for m-i-l, T's fingerless mitts, my fetching mitts, and many holiday gifts.

I may have to go to the number rule where each kid is named after the number order they were born, I cant do age as two are the same age by 2 minutes. So I think Juju will be one, Rosie will be two, Rae will be three, and my new little buddy will be four. We'll see. :P


Quick Update

I got to get out of the house with Sebastian last night, we went to knitting group, it was fun, but exhausting. Outings still take it out of me and 10pm is officially bed time. So some of my stitch markers came and 10 balls of sock yarn (2 colors) from ebay have arrived but no knitpicks stuff yet. I think their trying to kill me with impatience and anticipation.

T and I got a new lappy, actually it's going to be mostly mine and is what I'm using now to type this, we have to pay m-i-l back she bought it new from a co-worker. I'm very excited it is very nice.

Well someone needs some mommy goodness and hates to wait, so I'll sign off for now. :P


So I've been Naughty in a Good Way....

Every year T gets a bonus from work and we generally get money back at tax time because of the way we do taxes, so we each get $500 to spend how we want. Well, T wanted some hunting stuff which ended up being around $300 and he wants to take it from his $500 early so he would have the stuff for this hunting season. So I got to buy a few things off the internet that I've been craving and know since they are internet buys that I'm the only one that will buy them for me. So here's the list:

Knitpicks Options needle set (yes the whole set,eeeee!!!)
A ballwinder (no swift yet but i'll make do at least I'll have the winder, winding balls hurts my hands)
Essential yarn color card
Nickel plated DPNs Sizes 0-3
Needle tips for the options set sizes 13, 15, 17
Yarn cutter Antique (I thought this would look nice on one of the chatelaine pins with some other sewing dodads when I'm SCAing it)
Essential Tweed color Flint (2 balls)
Suri Dream Hand-dyed color Rose Quartz (2 balls) (This will be a simple garter stitch scarf unless someone can send me a pattern that is just as easy and quick, this is a gift I need to give in 2 weeks and I just ordered the yarn so-oooo see why it will be just straight knit, family from Texas are coming to visit and I didnt want them to freeze :D up here in Wisconsin)

All three of the Yarn Harlot's books on sale that are currently available.

And I'm bidding on some Stitch Markers on eBay so I can have a variety, although I love the ones that were given to me more than any I've seen online so far :)

So yeah I'm feeling uber naughty but it's okay because I had the go ahead from the hubby, I'm probably going to save the rest of my money for a newer nicer sewing machine.

Sorry no links or pics, this was actually a quick type while my children were doing snack, and the new wee one is screaming for some food so gotta go.


Sebastian's One Skein Hat

Here is Sebastian's Hat, I made it with US size 7 dpns on LB Microspun in Royal Blue and Lime, the pictures are under standard soft light lightbulbs so the colors are a little off, but you get the jest of it :D. And yes that is young Sebastian modeling the hat and no you wont be able to see his face, sorry, house rules. The basic pattern is from the book One Skein by Leigh Radford, I love this book and wish I owned it, I borrowed it from the Library and wish it was on my "shelf" because of all the wonderful projects it has. It's right up there in the need to buy with the Mason-Dixon Knitting and the Knitting Rules! books, the latter will probably be the first of the three that I'll buy for the convinence of size and matter, but the other two wont be far behind. I also want the Yarn Harlots first book the self titled, Yarn Harlot and I just found such a great deal on At Knit's End that I had to buy it, $1.62 is right up my alley, its used but hopefully in good shape.
My first time joining in the Round, note to self dont do this when on vicadin in the hospital after a c-section (although the c-section thing should be taken care of, no more babies for me)
Another side view. I had to do some adjustments to the depth of the hat it was to shallow for my big headed baby, I seem to only have that problem on the newborn size, hence the stripes :D.
Detailed view of the lace work.
And here is a picture from the top, I love the way this decrease looks.


Well he's here...

Sebastian was born on Thursay at 7:16am via c-section, We know he was about ready to come out anyways because I was having pre-labor contractions all night Wednesday. He is 8 lbs 13 oz and 21 1/2 inches long, and the picture of perfection. Unfortunately you wont see any pictures of him as my hubby has requested we keep pictures of our family away from the general public, too many creepies out there now a days. Anywho, no jaundice like I had worried and plenty to eat, lets just say my body is a bit confused on how much milk to make and thinks twin sized feeding would be best. He's a good eater and latches well but this is a bit much for him to take. All is well, but I have to go and take my meds to keep me healthy while I heal up, so chat with you all later.


Well off we go... next stop on the wild rollercoaster of life coming up...

Well, I'm about to be off on our family's new voyage. I'm sorry I wont be able to keep up on all my reading of blogs and groups but well the baby is calling and "he" says he wants to come out soon if not now. I've got some knitting packed up to go with me, a dishcloth, a handtowel (on my new size 7 circs from knitpicks) and the baby hat I need to finish while I'm in the hospital. I also always have my sock yarn in my purse and if I need I'm sure someone will run and grab me different yarn from home :D. I'm very excited about our new addition to come, I've got some boy clothes packed and need to go dig out a girly outfit for just in case. We have names for both genders as well so hopefully we're set there. I need to get some picking up done and some more laundry, yes I'm nesting, I know I never do laundry. The dishes are for the hubby as I can't sit to do those and I washed is damn underwear today so pbbbt :P. Well all of you out there take care, I'm hoping all goes well, and will be on again soon, actually probably before you even realize I'm missing. :D
Knit on.

MagKnits, your friendly online knitting magazine

I so need to make this for every little girl I know, including my 3 :D.
MagKnits, your friendly online knitting magazine


See I'm not a total Slacker....

This is the original one I did for Mid-Sept KAL it is made from SnC Creamsicle on size 7 (US) needles (they're actually dpns with a point protetor). This and the others are to be given as a gift today to my sis-i-l for her birthday yesterday. It aint much but it's what we've got.

I then made this one with a mix of the Creamsicle and PnC Delft Blue (which I really like, it's a really nice color) to combine with the next one. This one actually ran out of creamsicle just at the end of the last band and I had to do two rows of blue before finishing.

And here it is wash/dish cloth number 3 for sis, it is obviously the mid-Sept KAL pattern but in PnC Delft Blue (did I say I liked that color :D). Anywho, there is the trio gift set, I hope she likes them I put quite a bit of effort into getting them done, especially this one as I seem to get bored with doing it so close together with other one, even though it is so pretty. No cloths were blocked in the scanning of these pictures and they wont be blocked before they go to my sis-i-l tonite as they are all folded up together and tied with a ribbon already.

Well I better go, we have places to go and people to see.



Sorry about the lack of regular posts, I'm feeling lousy.
I have a cold and I think my body may be gearing up for the baby, that makes me concerned because I have a week and two days still until the c-section. I have a doc appt on Thursday, we'll see where I'm at then. I may be missing for actually quite a while after the munchkin comes along, dont worry you will all be updated on the new wee one, but after that I may have to break from the comp for a little while (yeah right).

Any who, I've been knitting a lot of washcloths, a set for my sister-i-l, her b-day is coming up Friday the 29th so I need to get the last one of the set done and I'll try to post pics soon. I also have just the seaming left on the kimono, which is going interestingly since I want the seams to show. My Gran knitted the new wee one a whole set with blanket, so her set trumps mine and 'he' will be wearing that home and in the hospital pics instead of mine. That's okay though, mom-i-l will most definately take plenty of pics.

Well my back is hurting and I have knitting to do, so carry on, and tah tah for now. :D


The Pic is Lousy, Sorry.

My 50% off yarn purchases, the sock yarn has and undisclosed home yet. The heathered blue grey Cascade 220 is going to turn into a hat and long fingerless gloves for the hubby, and the dark blue 100% wool sock yarn is for knee high socks for SCA fighting for the hubby, I'm not exactly sure of much on them as it is mostly written in another language. He sure did make out good on the sale, I wanted to buy more Cascade but I was a good girl and didn't, more sock yarn would have been nice too, since I intend to learn how to knit socks soon. I'm shooting for november. Sorry again the pic sucks but its cloudy rainy here and that means no good natural light for pics. Juju and I are about to have a cup of Vanilla Almond Tea (her's is decaf ofcourse) and relax. She may even let me knit :D.


YouTube - Blood Sweat & Wool

YouTube - Blood Sweat & Wool

Ahh, silly boys, cant admit they're good at something so "girly" Dang I wish I was ambitious as he had been, he should be proud.

YouTube - The Last Knit

YouTube - The Last Knit

This is super funny and everyone that knits should watch. Man the things people can create. It always amazes me.



HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my christmas/yule need to do/make List!!! NNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Of course it will show up the day after the holidays, but now I have to make another one, ggggggggrrrrrrrrr. I lbogged a brief list way back when but it wasnt even close to the full thing. I'm so frustrated right now it isnt even funny. Grrr, grumble, grumble.


Juju's first tea

So my oldest (2 1/2 yrs old) just had her first cup of tea today, I made sure it was decaf, I'm not that silly and actually its very very cool, but the vanilla almond was a hit. I've decided I need to get her a little single teapot to steep her tea in instead of a cup. I'll have to keep my eyes out for a good deal, all my teapots would be too big and a waste of good tea unless mom had some too. And today was a hot coffee day since I want caffein right now. Well I just had to put this down for the record.

Knitwise: I finished todays lines for the KAL where there seems to be a major glitch going on since I keep recieveing the same email over and over, so far 25 times and counting. I'm also planning on working on my gift handtowel, although I'm not really looking forward to it since the needles way suck, see last nights post. I also should work on the kimono, but for some reason I have this crazy idea that if I dont work on it, he can't come until its done. Like that will work, I should just finish then get the hat going but the mind is a powerful procrastinator. :D

That is all. Carry on.


Knitpick Needles ROCK

I've officially been spoiled. I found where I was in my knitting made adjustments to the pattern so I knew where I was the next time I had to set it down. (I'm just using the cross off feature button in word and I highlight the line, do it, cross it off, highlight the next row, etc.) And I'm knitting with my very long size 7 (US) Boye needles and wishing they were Knitpicks optionals :( but they're not. I'm going to have to beg the hubby if I can purchase the ends for the cables I already have, I hope I can convince him soon, cause the Boyes actually hurt my hands a little and I've only done two rows of 72 sts each. hmm we'll see.

Venus of .....

So its official, my body looks like the Venus of Willendorf, not that I'm a goddess figure or anything, jus that my breasts have seemed to have met my stomach officially, or should I say my stomach met my breasts (which is probably more accurate).

On a knitting note, I went to pick up my handtowel knitting only to find I had left no notes as to which row I was on and I have no clue where I'm at in the pattern, so that will take some thinking. I also started my mid-month KAL and love the new challenge of actually needing to read the directions :D. I think I'm gearing up for lace shawl after the holidays with my sari silk, which I'm going to use a little of for a tie for my dad, I traditionally get him a tie for the holidays.

On a pain note, I stretched wrong and hurt my left hip and lower back, bad me. I should really know better. I'm almost done so hopefully I'll be okay for a few more weeks.

The twins are officially in real cribs now instead of playpens for beds, we didnt think 3 cribs would fit in the room and then **ding** I had a brainy idea and they now all fit. I ofcourse hurt myself before doing the cribs so I had to grit my teeth and just get it done with hubby, he wouldnt understand, or at least I dont think he will. I'll live.

well time to work on figuring out my pattern oops so I can get it off the needles. And then on to another project :D.


Hello . . . I think I'm bored . . .

Hello . . . I think I'm bored . . .
What's everyone upto on this fine Saturday? I'm at home hanging with the girls, T had to do some stuff for his family up nort(h), so the girls and I are having a regular day.

I'm knitting up a washcloth, starting my mid-Month KAL and working on my Kimono, or at least I hope. I'll probably work on getting updated on my podcasts too, since I'm new to them all and so very behind. I'm almost caught up on Cast-on.

Can you tell I'm bored, I'll let you all be now. The girls are stirring anyhow, so chit chat with ya'll later.

That is all. Carry on. :P


T took the test and now he's bummed, he got a WHOLE 3 points lower than me. Yeesh, Men!

Congratulations, Zee!
Your IQ score is 124

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Inspired Inventor. This means you've got exceptional verbal and mathematical skills, and are very good at brainstorming new ideas. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

Congratulations, Sarah!
Your IQ score is 127

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that's just a small part of what we know about you from your test results.

The Classic IQ Test


Not really much on Knitting...........

I'm still alive... Just been very busy this weekend. I had a day "off" on Saturday and went to a coffee shop to knit with my knitting group, it was a lot of fun but I think I need a few hours just me time before the baby comes. I'll have to talk to the hubby about that one, time is short! I've got a good start on my baby kimono, I'll post when its done. I'm on one of the arms working my way down and then the other arm and side to go, I'm not quite sure which side is the right side and which is the wrong but I figure in garter stitch it doesnt really matter, right?!?! The girls are good, trouble but good, a bit tired from the exciting weekend of playing but good. T is good too, he's tired of cleaning though, its getting harder and garder for me to get stuff done around the house and its frustrating for the both of us. But soon life will be restored to some kind of order, I dont know how much but some I hope.

Well stay warm if your in a chilly part of the sates like I am and stay cool if its warm.


5th Charity Premee Hat

I wasnt very fond of this yarn, Red Heart Baby Econo, 90% Acrylic/10% Polypropylene, it isnt soft at all for a baby yarn. I hope it washes up better, that's what I get for buying sale yarn at Wal-Mart I guess. It was a 6oz/460yd skein, so more hats to come I guess. I really do hope it washes nicer than it feels right now.

On another note - My 2 yrold is driving me bonkers with her little attitude and her need to wake her sisters when they nap, grr grumble grumble. I think I need a nap.


September KAL - Oak Leaf

Here is the September KAL. SnC Yellow. It was a fun knit and I really like the border, I may make a couple more in other fall colored solids for a gift, we'll see.


My first Ballband....

Here it is, my first ballband washcloth, originally from PnC yarn's ballband, posted under many sudynames on the internet and also in the Mason Dixon Knitting book, whick I'm also going to take my hand out on the Baby Kimono in that said same book. But anywho, heres the dishcloth, and it is now off on its way to my mom as a thank you for yarn gift along with the mid-August KAL I hope she likes them. I currently have my beginning of September KAL from my Monthly Dishcloth group I'm doing it in SnC yellow, I'm not very far because of some sinus head aches I've been having, but what do ya do but hope tomorrow will be better. At least I get to go to knitting group again this week, Ya'eh!!! But for now I think it might be sleepy time, my eyes hurt and I think I'm in need of some rest. Night all.



My Knit Picks circular options needles came today so I can start my baby kimono for my newest-to-be little monkey. Y'ah me. Tee Hee.


So as you can see to the right, I'm done with my hat that was a gift, and I promptly gave it to the mommy-to-be without taking a single picture, oops. I'll have to get some after the babe is born and technically it's not finished because there was a request for a flower and I forgot it at home so hopefully I'll be able to put it on next Thursday. Yes next Thursday, I get knitting group two times in a row because of the extra Thursday in August. Yippie. I'm almost done with my ballband, it aint perfect but my mom wont care and she plans on using them in the kitchen so , ye'eh.

On another note, the twins colored for the first time today, I know 1-year-olds don't really color, but scribbles on paper is fine with me. They watched big sis (2-yr-old) scribble and copied her direction, Ro kept trying to eat the crayon, but I sat there and watched her and made ack ick noises while taking them from her mouth. She'll learn, Ju did. Ra was more maticulus (sp?) about her coloring and had no interest with in the mouthness, fine by me. I'll have to take some pics with the cell later and post there grand pieces of high class art. :D I'm such a proud mama.

Well I need to get my but in gear and get this dishcloth done so I can work on my many other projects, not to mention wait on pins and needles until my Knitpick needles come so I can start and finish my Kimono for my soon-to-be little monkey.

More later.


Nap time for me and my girls. . . . . .

Not much happening here, I'm half way done with a baby hat that needs to be done tonite in case the recipient and child go into labor soon. And I really need to finish my ballband so I can get my knit on for premee baby hats. Other than that, my girls are insane and I need a nap. So I'm going to go take that said nap and rest a bit then knit, knit, knit, and maybe I'll through in a clean, but I doubt it since the floor seems so far away. . . .


Here it finally is....

My mid-Aug KAL is finally finished after I decided to change colors and make it in colors my mom liked for a thank you for buying me yarn when money on my end is low. YIPPIE!!! I ended up with SnC Wine and SnC Midnight Magic, two colors I would definately buy
again and again. My Pictures aren't the best, its rainy cloudy, and its a cellphone camera so the pics are a little fuzzy, but what can ya do. I think after the holidays I may try to sell stuff I knit to make some extra dough and maybe I can get a really nice camera. It will have to be a lot of money cause I'm kindof a camera snob. But back to the cloth, I really like the back as much if not more than the front, it looks like a snippet of a Monet or something. It's pretty. I'm now taking the same colors and making a Ballband washcloth as well for me mum to make the thank you complete. Enjoy.

I forgot

I forgot to say that I saw Stephine and Alley (Steph's daughter, she's about ready to pop out a munchkin, Alley that is) and Steph's Hubby at Ren Faire on Saturday. We actually ran into them quite a few time through out the day, it was kind of fun. I hope handled the heat in the sun and all the walking okay, it was tough on me a bit but she is young and not having many, if any, problems, so I'm sure she was fine. I also saw someone else I would have liked not to see, but we won't go into that, it just makes me grumpy. We'll off to feed the monkeys then hopefully I'll get a pic of my new washcloth and get some knitting in. Fun Fun.


Busy, Busy . . . .

I haven't written in a while because we've been crazy busy around here. I had an SCA meeting on Thursday and we all showed up (for the most part) early, so we left early as well. T, the girls, and I were actually an hour early, I wanted to get going and T thought it was later so we left for the meeting way too early. Ah well, it was a downpour at the time was crazy hard and it was probably best that we got going so early so we didn't have to rush in the rain. After the meeting we started working on our little red wagon conversion into a "carriage" for our oldest. I'll have to post some pictures later. Friday, we finished up the carriage and found all our things for the MN Renaissance Festival we were attending on Saturday. We stayed up to late watching Serenity and went to bed at 12:30am, I of course needing the sleep couldn't sleep past 6:11am, grr. I got up made coffee, we packed up the van and the girls, and were soon on our way with my friend Rach along for the ride. The day was fairly uneventful, my oldest tends to get her pic taken alot, especially at the faire, we all dress up including the girls. My parents met up with us later in the day and my parents ended up purchasing me a new tea mug, yippie. I also got a huge jar of Spicy Herb Pickled Garlic and two super cute pictures for my living room/kid room area. The day was beautiful, but the walking tended to get tough at times. I'm definately still tired, even though I was in bed last night by ten and didnt get up until 7am. I'm hoping to do the same tonight, we'll see. My mid-Aug KAL is finished and now I'm going to make a matching Ballband, I also need to get going on baby hats for charity, gift, and my future babe. I almost forgot to mention that I RPGd with my hubby, his buddy Trin and his cousin Bill most of the day, when the kids are awake lets just say it's interesting. Sorry no pics yet, but I will be sure to post some in the next few days. Night all.


4th premee hat

I just posted this afternoon on my SnB group my most recently finished object, another Premee Baby Hat. It's pink varigated, I dont remember the name or brand but if I find the label I'll let ya know. I plan to also make a pink top, pink varigated rib one, and 2 all pink ones and a blue varigated, so that my boy and girl options are equal. Then it's off to gender neutral land, I have some "white", not sure on the color right at the moment, that I'm going to make into hats as well as some very pretty varigated. Ooh I should get some yule/xmas varigated for the holiday babies that are sure to come. My poor brain is a turnin'. But first before I do anymore baby hats at the moment I need to finish my KAL I got a late start because I wasnt happy with my color choices and had to get some new color options (thanks mom for the cotton), I'm actually making the KAL and giving her the cloth as a thank you for the yarn. You know I dont think I've kept but one of the many washcloths I've knit so far, and the one I kept was my first one and it royally sucked. hmmm need to get working on that. But I also need to get my newest-to-be's hat and kimono done and also get the gift hat done, not to mention working on my fetching gloves.

Knit, Knit, knit, I wish I had more time to knit.

Sorry about the soda can.


Today has totally been a yarn day...

So after my wonderous surprise this morning, I have dinner with the family this evening and go shopping with my mom and sis for my sis's school supplies. I happen to mention the super walmart's lack of knitting and how I heard that Pamida is having a yarn sale and my mom proceeds to take me over there and drop $13 on me in SnC cotton. I feel like the luckiest girl around right now, especially in yarn world. And to make it even better she then takes us out for DQ, mmm chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo cookie, banana blizzard, and no that isn't a prego thing, its actually an every time blizzard thing. Then when I got home I showed me mum all of the wonderful things kristy had given to me and she ooed and ahhed as well. Yeah for today, lets hope the rest of the week can keep up. :D
Yeah .99 yarn, I promised I would make my mom a dishcloth or two from all of this, no prob mom, I have a couple of patterns in mind already, a ballband sounds good and the current KAL would be awesome as a set dont ya think. :)

Tears.... Of JOY...

So I had a great surprise today, and I'm tearing up from it, I promise it isn't just the pregnancy hormone thing. A wonderful lady named Kristy sent me some yarn that we were making a trade for, yarn for bamboo needles(I'm not a fan of that style needle), when as she put it, "In Knitty terms, you've been RAKed (Random Act of Kindness)!" I'm honestly thoroughly surprised, she said she threw in some extra yarn in an email and I honestly thought, oh cool she had some cotton or something she wasn't hot on and is passing it on in hopes I'll like it. Instead I get this very heavy box filled plum full of beautiful yarn. I'm flabbergasted. She also sent the most beautiful stitch markers, and here I've been using rubber binders for the hair, you know the really really little ones. Here are some picks, I don't think I can think of anyway to repay her more than to say Thanks!!! and I'm definitely going to have to knit her something more than my measly bookmark/badge thing. Man, I'm just floored. I've only once had such fine yarn and that is still not in comparison, especially with all my monkeys, now I have some yarn to make them each something very special.

The Box, isn't it HUGE, you should have seen my eyes when I saw it.
One of, if not, the most wonderful letter I've ever received.

Here is some of the yarn, I tried to put like colors together, here's the raspberries and purples, love them. Keep looking down.

Various lovely blues. And that's not all.

Here there is a beautiful green, the white yarn I believe was what the original trade was for, and some really cool multicolored yarn, I believe in the letter that this is the recycled sari silk, I love the feel, look, and colors. Oh wait and there's more.

Some more beautiful greens, raspberries, and some lovely rose. And that still isn't everything that was in this tightly packed box.

And here are the beautiful stitch markers she sent me, I believe she made them herself just for me, I LOVE THEM. The only st mrkrs I have right now are the boye ones I bought and the rubber binders so this is an extra special treat. They have beads with either a flower like design on them or knotwork, and are a beautiful blue with green and gold flecks.

None of the pictures do any of this stuff justice, but that is what I can give with my camera phone. I have a really nice camera but it isn't digital so I would have to develop the film and wait, and who wants to wait with all these lovelies to post about. In the end I guess all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. Ah now to knit, oh the options available, and now I have a STASH, eek. :D :D :D :D

Oh I almost forgot the stipulation, I have to knit a pair of fetching gloves, that is obvious because that was the reason for the yarn/needle exchange, but I also need to knit something else for myself with the yarn given, oh the options and I think at the moment it will be a hard choice. eek eek squeak eek yippie *GRIN*


So I finished two more hats for my knitting group tonight. You can find pictures that I've posted here and I'll put one or two on the bottom of this blog too. I think they are super cute, they fit my daughters' smallest baby dolls, you know the ones that barely fit in an adults hand but are actually proportional to a 1 or 2 year old. One hat is all baby blue and the other is baby blue top with a varigated blue ribbed bottom. The latter is just a smidge bigger and they are both made from cotton. I kind of find it funny that the two hats are made from the first one I made and frogged. I actually could have gotten farther with the two yarned one but I opted for the diffrent colored ribbing straight up instead of halfway through it. I think I'll make a couple pinkish ones next, since I've made three blue, and then maybe some white ones for the more gender nuteral look, or white and green would be cool too. We'll see, I'm tired for now, two was enough for one day, especially since we were RPGing at the same time.


Premee Baby Hats

So I finished the baby hat last night at knitting group and forgot to take a quick pick with my camera phone, oops. That's okay though because I frogged the first one and I'm re-knitting that one, so I'll just take a pic of that one when it's done. We have a lot of hats done already, when I left last night it was nearly 20 and if the ladies stayed late, I'm sure they got a bunch more done. Well I'm off to create a blog for our group, we'll see if it works out. Then to knit, I have KAL to get caught up on after I frog and choose a diffrent color combo and a baby hat or three to do.


So You Think You Can Dance.........

YIPPIE!!!! Benji won SYTYCD!!!!!!! I'm so happy, he is the one I thought should win the most, although all four of the finalists were great and Travis definately exceled. Benji just rocked it in everything he did and he always brought the right kind of energy to the performance to make it come off without a hitch. I also called the last performance being the Tranji one, I figured after they cut the girls that that was what would happen, It made the most sense. I think it was a better performance of it last week, but I also think they all did a ton more dancing tonight and that can make the last dance not necessarily the best. Now Travis can go work with Mia Michaels, like she stated earlier in the show, but of course that will be after the tour. I wonder how Benji is going to do the Celine Dion show and the tour??? Maybe he isn't going to do both, but the tour says the top 10 finalists, so I'm not sure. You can read an article on the songs and performances of tonight's show here. As was expected some are unhappy with the results but America voted and I agree, so pbbt. :D Well time for a shower and bed, tomorrow's going to be a toughy, I have a doc appt at 2:45 and that is the middle of juju's nap and just the end of the twins, so that means I get to either wake them up or go early and hope they'll take a snooze in the van while I knit, either way it's going to majorly suck. Why does the appt desk never listen to me, oye? Well off I go, hopefully we'll get a date set either tomorrow or soon, I know I want to know.

Here it is...

Here is the bookmark, It is actually two diffrent colors, but the computer didnt really catch it. And it's embroidery floss again, I think I like seeing a pattern grow on such a small format and it seems to be quicker to knit, which I really don't understand because it is the same amount of stitches?!?! Also, in person it is really hard to read the KNIT part, but what can ya do. I actually designed it to be a patch or badge type thing but it could also be a bookmark. Well whichever it is off in to the mail.

Well, I'm going to try knitting another baby hat and watch So You Think You Can Dance.


Bad Premee Hat

So as you can see to the right, I've finished the premee hat, I hate it. I mean it will work and all but the pattern was way vague and ended up being to big and not big enough all in one. The width of the hat is way to large and I even used a doll that was premee sized, but the length was way to short, it honestly looks more like a yamica than a premee hat. Grr and all that time I spent on it is now wasted. Let's just say I'm a bit frustrated.