Sorry for the Pause

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this, I've been uber busy and the world with a fourth child seems to never stop. I've done some small decorating for the holidays, I bought a four foot prelit tree for our plant top so the munchkins can keep there hands off. I'll probably put gifts up there as well, pictures later. I knit two scarves for T's visiting family, of course i forgot to take any sort of pictures but they were finished before they went out to find some snow, being as we have a lack of at the moment. It's hard to decorate for the holidays when there isn't any snow. Any who, I didn't finish the one with the Suri Dream, I just don't like the yarn, I may still finish it for a gift for someone else, but we'll see. It really isn't the kind of yarn you can easily rip back, grr. I'm going to pay a bit closer of attention to the types of yarn I buy from now one, super bulky doesn't always mean a big thick fluffy yarn but more of a skinny with crazy fuzzy yarn, at least in this case. I really should get the twins' scarves up and going and finished soon, they'll need them if we ever get any snow. But first I'm going to do some nice easy cotton washcloths, I've not knit all week because of how rushed I felt doing the two scarves, I'm feeling bad about not knitting but I can't seem to pick up the needles because it felt more like a chore then something fun, maybe knitting group next week will help me get into the groove.

Hope all had a great Turkey day, I know mine was over filling. :D


  1. I hate knitting with the fuzzy yarn, too. You hate to knit loosely, and I'm not good at loose. Right now I'm working with some really nice wool that makes knitting a pleasure--so much nicer than the cotton I've been working with recently.