Gangsta Knitta

You all have to see this, ha!!! Gangsta knitta.....


So the monkeys are all down early today, they're all growing and grumpy and this mommy can only take so much. I'm also a little grumpy, dreaming too much, not enough sleep. Just one of those full moon nights. Had a friend from Ren Faire over for dinner, T and our guest got along well, good conversation was had. I made meatloaf with corn side and quick drop biscuits, mmmm. Want to buy more yarn really badly, but I'm holding back at least for the moment. I need to get some money into savings first. And I really want my kid tattoo.

I've been listening to a lot of Lime & Violet, I'm on March 2007 right now. I'm enjoying the podcast a lot and think you should all listen as well.

I've been knitting on the second sock, I've turned the heel and I'm working the instep now. I hope to be done by the end of next week. (I'm working on realistic goals)

Well, I should get to that.


Bad blogger, no cookie.

Sorry I've been bad these last few weeks, it's been crazy busy. I'm working at the MN Renaissance Festival this year. And with being sick and than work and than my period and the children, well, I'm tired. It's Friday already and Tomorrow I have to get up super early so I can drive out to fair by/before 7 am to help open up shop and get ready for the day. Here's hoping we don't get rained out again. I just made a purchase at Knit Picks on Wednesday for some Andean Silk in Pitch, Memories in Redwood Forest and the book Selbuvotter, oh and another set of size 6 options needles so I can make a pair of Fetching for my Ren Faire boss, Slugger.

Well off to spend some time with the children, hubby and the in-laws. Chat with you later.


I'm THick, ::cough:: ::cough:: ACHOOO!!!

So I'm not feeling the greatest and neither has our router. Ironically there was a huge storm Sunday night that knocked the power out for around 12 hours, we finally got power at 9:55am on Monday.

Big huge storm that hit hard all around us but seemed to not do much to our fairly new home with lack of full grown trees. The power outage actually was a blessing, maybe not that long was necessary but you know, I think the off time reset our router finally making it work. For the last week it has been second to second hit or miss. I haven't posted because most of the time I was lucky to even see if I had email let alone read it. So, I'm still feeling icky but its just residual I don't think I'm contagious anymore and the internet is working, YEA!!

For the storm I'd suggest reading G's blog on that, she is better informed. I just know that I heard my home town was hit pretty hard and my sis-i-l had some in-law family for her that was hit hard. So yesterday I had another 2 year old and a fairly newborn babe hangin' with me and the monkeys, that would be 6 against 1 for those counting. Oye, is all I have to say. The nieces, Miss Vi and Miss Ru, were good, my twins had some issues, Juju missed her nap window and wouldn't, and Se got a bit jealous when I was feeding Miss Ru her bottle of mom's best. He just freaked out, too funny, I'm such a mean mommy.

So any who, I missed Fiber Night with some friends on Monday, I figured they didn't want what I and my family had. And that bummed me out and Tomorrow I need to plan to work Renn Faire this weekend, pick up my dad's commuter car and pack my work clothes and sleep clothes and living clothes which maybe the same as the sleep since there isn't much sense in changing five times a day.

So there's an update. Hope to be more forthcoming with the posts as long as the router is being good.


Test Knitting Part 4

Very nice pattern must get working on the second one. I did most of this last night at Fiber Night with some ladies at G's house. It was nice to be kid free for awhile and to hang with Rach. We watched some Schoolhouse Rock! (it was the 30th Anniversary edition) and than Henry V. Good times. And I almost finished the sock, came home, took care of Se and went to bed. This morning when breakfast was happening I finished the toe (like 4 rounds) and kitchenered during nap time. And now it's done. Yea!!! Now to avoid the SSS

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Test Knitting Part 3

This is before Fiber Night at G's, I'll be leaving in a little bit, here's hoping I finish.


Test Knitting Part 2

Well I'm done with the the chart and all looks good to me. I'm off to the heel. I decided to just do the two repeats of the pattern, one with the written out instructions and one with the chart. They fit well because I have big calves. I'm really loving this pattern and will definitely use again. I hope Kat is happy with how it is all turning out. I have to go email her now, I was lazy with the flickr and didn't size down my photos, so now I'm already at my download limit for the month because of the stash and my indecisiveness. (ooo, a $1.00 word)