So a lot has been happening lately and I've been so busy I havent had time to write. Sorry.

First off, I wont be going to Lilies War, at least it doesnt look like it right now, no one I know seems to be going and I dont know how safe I would feel camping virtually alone. (I guess hubby asked a friend of his to watch over me while I was there, awwww.) I want to go but right now I'm just not sure if I feel okay with the idea.

Second, if I dont go toLilies, I am heavily considering going to Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon with a bunch of knitters. My only thought there is I wonder if any of you are thinking of going, cause it would really help if I could share a room with someone(s). But I guess it would help if I was sure if I was going myself, to help with that decision, huh. We'll see how things plan out.

Third, I've been accepted into Masters School at Kaplan University for a Masters in Information Technology and Systems. Its completely on online which is conducive to my SAHM status and it will hopefully help me get into the work force when my kids are all eventually in school. I'm a bit nervous that the children have eaten all my brains and I wont do well enough, but I'm hopeing I'll do all right in the end.

Fourth and lastly, the family is doing fine. Hopefully they will stay on that way.