A birthday cake...

Ju's birthday was on Easter this year, so we decided to do her party on the Saturday after, yesterday. Here is her castle birthday cake with a mote and all.


Day 7...I'm tired.

My tattoo meeting went well. I'm getting very excited. Knitting was good, I was sneezing a lot last night every time I would smell a strong scent. Very odd. This morning I'm congested, I don't know if it's allergies or sickness, I'm hoping the former for everyone else's sake. Se also has a cold going on so it should be great times this weekend.

I'm so tired right now, I don't even want to knit. I didn't go to bed until 2:30 am and when I laid down I couldn't fall asleep. I had done the grocery shopping after knitting and ran to the w*mart, because Target isn't open all night (i wish), for diapers. Got home, unloaded it all and after getting all the fridge/freezer stuff put away, tried to lay down and go to sleep but it just wasn't happening. I think I'm going to eat my lunch, grab a movie Ju likes and take a nap while she watches the video next to me. I never sleep very heavy when I do this and know if she even attempts to move, but it's some rest. We'll see what happens. Food first and I've already typed way more than I thought I would, so see ya tomorrow.


Day 6... Knit Night

It's my get out of the house free card night. I'm going to run over and have a chat with my tat artist Paully and then I'm off to grab a light (on the pocket book that is) dinner and than relaxation and knitting and coffee. I'm very excited to just go out and not worry about the children (at least not as much) and recharge my burning out batteries.

I made my appointment to go get a massage for the 22nd and I'm very excited to just get pampered. Thank you Mom & Dad and Mom-i-l & Dad-i-l for a great birthday gift, oh and hubby too. :) Very excited!!

Last night My Fair Lady with Rex and Audrey was on TMC with no commercial interruptions, it was awesome. I knit on the shawl and I'm 3 very long rows away from chart A being finished. After that I'll have to pay even more attention to the charts, I hope I get done soon.

Well I got clue 2 to test out so I'm going to go do that.
Chat at y'all soon


Day 5... Sad Times

I found out late last night that Gary Gygax has passed. When I asked T if he knew that was, he guffawed me and said of course. You see he was the father of D&D and T, and I quote, "Owes many wonderful hours to him." Mr Gygax was only 69, so young in this day in age. It truly is sad to hear about. I guess he had some health issues but it still sucks to see someone who had true vision to pass. I bow my head to him.

For Sale and Test knit

Dice Bag 1 for sale on Etsy.

Dice Bag 2 for sale on Etsy.

Entrelac Test Knit clue 1 for Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry.


Day 4... Good times...

So good times with entrelac, I finally figured it out, just a little bit left to do for day 1. Still a bit frustrated, I'm supposed to be test knitting and it's been tough. I don't have the second clue yet and it's only 3 more days until its supposed to be released. Argh.

Kids were way better today. A lot less whining went on, now to take care of the hubby. It was fight night tonight and he's got a bunch of bruises from the swinging of swords. Good times, good times.

Well you all have a great evening, I'll try to be more entertaining tomorrow.


Day 3...It's a whiney good time .. argh

So the day start off with a whiny oldest in my face to get up way too early. Now normally she's happy to come cuddle in bed with me but this morning nope no interest. Then all morning she has been progressively naughty, I don't know what it is but she is all attitude and a pain in the ass, so right now its quite time in the house. Normally we hang out and play some games or watch a few tv shows or something just her and I, today she's laying down in my bed because she needs some time to herself in a relatively quite dark place to just chill. I can really only take so much.

I'm trying to do this entrelac thing but so far I'm sucking. This is also supposed to be a test knit but I'm finding out everything as everyone else is because this was all started way too late in the month for a proper test knit. I'm a bit frustrated, lack of communication is also a pisser. argh. I don't know what to do, but I guess I'll just go along with whatever and hope for the best.

I'm also in the process of finishing a second dice bag for my etsy shop and someone on ravelry suggested maybe I sell the pattern for those that want to make their own. I'm mulling that over while I try to get a few more up for sale. So if you have a gamer in you're life please go take a look.


Day 2... totally sucking it.

Time to blog again, i'm starting off to a shaky start this time. Not much to say. Hung out with the guys today, roleplaying. Started the enterlac part of the sock but not sure what to do next. 1/2 finished another dice bag for sale. And hung out with friends. I'm tired now and just need to sleep, I'll post tomorrow with hopefully some pics.


Day 1

The start of the blog all month, time to party.

Late to the bridal party I was due at and then had a good time roleplaying.

Did some knitting, test knit, just taking a short break on the shawl, I made a promise and I need to keep it.