Day 6... Knit Night

It's my get out of the house free card night. I'm going to run over and have a chat with my tat artist Paully and then I'm off to grab a light (on the pocket book that is) dinner and than relaxation and knitting and coffee. I'm very excited to just go out and not worry about the children (at least not as much) and recharge my burning out batteries.

I made my appointment to go get a massage for the 22nd and I'm very excited to just get pampered. Thank you Mom & Dad and Mom-i-l & Dad-i-l for a great birthday gift, oh and hubby too. :) Very excited!!

Last night My Fair Lady with Rex and Audrey was on TMC with no commercial interruptions, it was awesome. I knit on the shawl and I'm 3 very long rows away from chart A being finished. After that I'll have to pay even more attention to the charts, I hope I get done soon.

Well I got clue 2 to test out so I'm going to go do that.
Chat at y'all soon

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