See I'm not a total Slacker....

This is the original one I did for Mid-Sept KAL it is made from SnC Creamsicle on size 7 (US) needles (they're actually dpns with a point protetor). This and the others are to be given as a gift today to my sis-i-l for her birthday yesterday. It aint much but it's what we've got.

I then made this one with a mix of the Creamsicle and PnC Delft Blue (which I really like, it's a really nice color) to combine with the next one. This one actually ran out of creamsicle just at the end of the last band and I had to do two rows of blue before finishing.

And here it is wash/dish cloth number 3 for sis, it is obviously the mid-Sept KAL pattern but in PnC Delft Blue (did I say I liked that color :D). Anywho, there is the trio gift set, I hope she likes them I put quite a bit of effort into getting them done, especially this one as I seem to get bored with doing it so close together with other one, even though it is so pretty. No cloths were blocked in the scanning of these pictures and they wont be blocked before they go to my sis-i-l tonite as they are all folded up together and tied with a ribbon already.

Well I better go, we have places to go and people to see.



Sorry about the lack of regular posts, I'm feeling lousy.
I have a cold and I think my body may be gearing up for the baby, that makes me concerned because I have a week and two days still until the c-section. I have a doc appt on Thursday, we'll see where I'm at then. I may be missing for actually quite a while after the munchkin comes along, dont worry you will all be updated on the new wee one, but after that I may have to break from the comp for a little while (yeah right).

Any who, I've been knitting a lot of washcloths, a set for my sister-i-l, her b-day is coming up Friday the 29th so I need to get the last one of the set done and I'll try to post pics soon. I also have just the seaming left on the kimono, which is going interestingly since I want the seams to show. My Gran knitted the new wee one a whole set with blanket, so her set trumps mine and 'he' will be wearing that home and in the hospital pics instead of mine. That's okay though, mom-i-l will most definately take plenty of pics.

Well my back is hurting and I have knitting to do, so carry on, and tah tah for now. :D


The Pic is Lousy, Sorry.

My 50% off yarn purchases, the sock yarn has and undisclosed home yet. The heathered blue grey Cascade 220 is going to turn into a hat and long fingerless gloves for the hubby, and the dark blue 100% wool sock yarn is for knee high socks for SCA fighting for the hubby, I'm not exactly sure of much on them as it is mostly written in another language. He sure did make out good on the sale, I wanted to buy more Cascade but I was a good girl and didn't, more sock yarn would have been nice too, since I intend to learn how to knit socks soon. I'm shooting for november. Sorry again the pic sucks but its cloudy rainy here and that means no good natural light for pics. Juju and I are about to have a cup of Vanilla Almond Tea (her's is decaf ofcourse) and relax. She may even let me knit :D.


YouTube - Blood Sweat & Wool

YouTube - Blood Sweat & Wool

Ahh, silly boys, cant admit they're good at something so "girly" Dang I wish I was ambitious as he had been, he should be proud.

YouTube - The Last Knit

YouTube - The Last Knit

This is super funny and everyone that knits should watch. Man the things people can create. It always amazes me.



HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my christmas/yule need to do/make List!!! NNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Of course it will show up the day after the holidays, but now I have to make another one, ggggggggrrrrrrrrr. I lbogged a brief list way back when but it wasnt even close to the full thing. I'm so frustrated right now it isnt even funny. Grrr, grumble, grumble.


Juju's first tea

So my oldest (2 1/2 yrs old) just had her first cup of tea today, I made sure it was decaf, I'm not that silly and actually its very very cool, but the vanilla almond was a hit. I've decided I need to get her a little single teapot to steep her tea in instead of a cup. I'll have to keep my eyes out for a good deal, all my teapots would be too big and a waste of good tea unless mom had some too. And today was a hot coffee day since I want caffein right now. Well I just had to put this down for the record.

Knitwise: I finished todays lines for the KAL where there seems to be a major glitch going on since I keep recieveing the same email over and over, so far 25 times and counting. I'm also planning on working on my gift handtowel, although I'm not really looking forward to it since the needles way suck, see last nights post. I also should work on the kimono, but for some reason I have this crazy idea that if I dont work on it, he can't come until its done. Like that will work, I should just finish then get the hat going but the mind is a powerful procrastinator. :D

That is all. Carry on.


Knitpick Needles ROCK

I've officially been spoiled. I found where I was in my knitting made adjustments to the pattern so I knew where I was the next time I had to set it down. (I'm just using the cross off feature button in word and I highlight the line, do it, cross it off, highlight the next row, etc.) And I'm knitting with my very long size 7 (US) Boye needles and wishing they were Knitpicks optionals :( but they're not. I'm going to have to beg the hubby if I can purchase the ends for the cables I already have, I hope I can convince him soon, cause the Boyes actually hurt my hands a little and I've only done two rows of 72 sts each. hmm we'll see.

Venus of .....

So its official, my body looks like the Venus of Willendorf, not that I'm a goddess figure or anything, jus that my breasts have seemed to have met my stomach officially, or should I say my stomach met my breasts (which is probably more accurate).

On a knitting note, I went to pick up my handtowel knitting only to find I had left no notes as to which row I was on and I have no clue where I'm at in the pattern, so that will take some thinking. I also started my mid-month KAL and love the new challenge of actually needing to read the directions :D. I think I'm gearing up for lace shawl after the holidays with my sari silk, which I'm going to use a little of for a tie for my dad, I traditionally get him a tie for the holidays.

On a pain note, I stretched wrong and hurt my left hip and lower back, bad me. I should really know better. I'm almost done so hopefully I'll be okay for a few more weeks.

The twins are officially in real cribs now instead of playpens for beds, we didnt think 3 cribs would fit in the room and then **ding** I had a brainy idea and they now all fit. I ofcourse hurt myself before doing the cribs so I had to grit my teeth and just get it done with hubby, he wouldnt understand, or at least I dont think he will. I'll live.

well time to work on figuring out my pattern oops so I can get it off the needles. And then on to another project :D.


Hello . . . I think I'm bored . . .

Hello . . . I think I'm bored . . .
What's everyone upto on this fine Saturday? I'm at home hanging with the girls, T had to do some stuff for his family up nort(h), so the girls and I are having a regular day.

I'm knitting up a washcloth, starting my mid-Month KAL and working on my Kimono, or at least I hope. I'll probably work on getting updated on my podcasts too, since I'm new to them all and so very behind. I'm almost caught up on Cast-on.

Can you tell I'm bored, I'll let you all be now. The girls are stirring anyhow, so chit chat with ya'll later.

That is all. Carry on. :P


T took the test and now he's bummed, he got a WHOLE 3 points lower than me. Yeesh, Men!

Congratulations, Zee!
Your IQ score is 124

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Inspired Inventor. This means you've got exceptional verbal and mathematical skills, and are very good at brainstorming new ideas. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

Congratulations, Sarah!
Your IQ score is 127

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that's just a small part of what we know about you from your test results.

The Classic IQ Test


Not really much on Knitting...........

I'm still alive... Just been very busy this weekend. I had a day "off" on Saturday and went to a coffee shop to knit with my knitting group, it was a lot of fun but I think I need a few hours just me time before the baby comes. I'll have to talk to the hubby about that one, time is short! I've got a good start on my baby kimono, I'll post when its done. I'm on one of the arms working my way down and then the other arm and side to go, I'm not quite sure which side is the right side and which is the wrong but I figure in garter stitch it doesnt really matter, right?!?! The girls are good, trouble but good, a bit tired from the exciting weekend of playing but good. T is good too, he's tired of cleaning though, its getting harder and garder for me to get stuff done around the house and its frustrating for the both of us. But soon life will be restored to some kind of order, I dont know how much but some I hope.

Well stay warm if your in a chilly part of the sates like I am and stay cool if its warm.


5th Charity Premee Hat

I wasnt very fond of this yarn, Red Heart Baby Econo, 90% Acrylic/10% Polypropylene, it isnt soft at all for a baby yarn. I hope it washes up better, that's what I get for buying sale yarn at Wal-Mart I guess. It was a 6oz/460yd skein, so more hats to come I guess. I really do hope it washes nicer than it feels right now.

On another note - My 2 yrold is driving me bonkers with her little attitude and her need to wake her sisters when they nap, grr grumble grumble. I think I need a nap.


September KAL - Oak Leaf

Here is the September KAL. SnC Yellow. It was a fun knit and I really like the border, I may make a couple more in other fall colored solids for a gift, we'll see.


My first Ballband....

Here it is, my first ballband washcloth, originally from PnC yarn's ballband, posted under many sudynames on the internet and also in the Mason Dixon Knitting book, whick I'm also going to take my hand out on the Baby Kimono in that said same book. But anywho, heres the dishcloth, and it is now off on its way to my mom as a thank you for yarn gift along with the mid-August KAL I hope she likes them. I currently have my beginning of September KAL from my Monthly Dishcloth group I'm doing it in SnC yellow, I'm not very far because of some sinus head aches I've been having, but what do ya do but hope tomorrow will be better. At least I get to go to knitting group again this week, Ya'eh!!! But for now I think it might be sleepy time, my eyes hurt and I think I'm in need of some rest. Night all.



My Knit Picks circular options needles came today so I can start my baby kimono for my newest-to-be little monkey. Y'ah me. Tee Hee.


So as you can see to the right, I'm done with my hat that was a gift, and I promptly gave it to the mommy-to-be without taking a single picture, oops. I'll have to get some after the babe is born and technically it's not finished because there was a request for a flower and I forgot it at home so hopefully I'll be able to put it on next Thursday. Yes next Thursday, I get knitting group two times in a row because of the extra Thursday in August. Yippie. I'm almost done with my ballband, it aint perfect but my mom wont care and she plans on using them in the kitchen so , ye'eh.

On another note, the twins colored for the first time today, I know 1-year-olds don't really color, but scribbles on paper is fine with me. They watched big sis (2-yr-old) scribble and copied her direction, Ro kept trying to eat the crayon, but I sat there and watched her and made ack ick noises while taking them from her mouth. She'll learn, Ju did. Ra was more maticulus (sp?) about her coloring and had no interest with in the mouthness, fine by me. I'll have to take some pics with the cell later and post there grand pieces of high class art. :D I'm such a proud mama.

Well I need to get my but in gear and get this dishcloth done so I can work on my many other projects, not to mention wait on pins and needles until my Knitpick needles come so I can start and finish my Kimono for my soon-to-be little monkey.

More later.