Here it finally is....

My mid-Aug KAL is finally finished after I decided to change colors and make it in colors my mom liked for a thank you for buying me yarn when money on my end is low. YIPPIE!!! I ended up with SnC Wine and SnC Midnight Magic, two colors I would definately buy
again and again. My Pictures aren't the best, its rainy cloudy, and its a cellphone camera so the pics are a little fuzzy, but what can ya do. I think after the holidays I may try to sell stuff I knit to make some extra dough and maybe I can get a really nice camera. It will have to be a lot of money cause I'm kindof a camera snob. But back to the cloth, I really like the back as much if not more than the front, it looks like a snippet of a Monet or something. It's pretty. I'm now taking the same colors and making a Ballband washcloth as well for me mum to make the thank you complete. Enjoy.


  1. Looks great ... I really like the colors together. I also like the grapes cloth.