WIPs and wannabe WIPs

So right now on the needles, let's see, I have:
*A dice bag of my own creation, based loosely off a soda can cozy.
*A lighthouse washcloth that I will more than likly frog because I would rather use the yarn for something else.
*A handtowel to go with a set I'm making for a xmas/yule gift. The washcloth I will post eventually (it was July's mid month KAL) and a scrap soap holder I made with the same yarn and variated same pattern, pics to come.
*My first pair of socks, I just finished the rib and did a few rows of straight knitting, boring. ugh I should really work on these as they are for me for once.
*Slippers for SCA wear for my munchkins.
*A poncho for my oldest's baby doll.
* and I know there is something else but I can't think of it.

Now for the Wannabes or shouldbes
*I would love a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves for me and it would be a great learning experience for cables.
*A baby hat made for charity (this will be a WIP soon)
*A beanie for my hubby, he lost his favorite winter hat in Colorado when we visited my parents (long story), anyway so he wants a new one, I need to find the right yarn first, I want it to be nicer than the one he used to have.
*A scarf pattern I've been drooling over.
*Winter caps for my girls.
*Winter caps to sell.
*A baby hat that is for a young girl due soon (its technically part of her baby shower gift but I wanted her to pick the color)
*Many more dishclothes including the ones that go with my KAL group.
*And many xmas/yule gifts, argh.
*Kimono from MD book for my coming son and a beanie for him too, October can be chilly or roasting hot so I need to be prepared.

Sheesh with this list I better get knitting.

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