Trying to make those...

I'm trying to make those nifty progress bar things we'll see how this goes.


So there it is, not so hard after all, thanks to knitticisms' tutorial Yeah progress bars, I should put my finished ones on there so I feel good about myself :D. I probably wont though, now to get the tabs off of the progress bar part, that's for tomorrow or maybe the week after. night all.

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  1. (Clotho42 from Knitty board)
    Blog is lookin' good! Glad your taking steps to personalize it! I'm going to check out that CSS tutorial myself!

    BTW, I love your dice bag (would have loved one of those in my D&D days!!) and I also love your Dishcloth set! Any chance I can get the pattern?

    I have your yarn for Fetching all ready to send -- hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow (Tuesday) morning :)