Busy, Busy . . . .

I haven't written in a while because we've been crazy busy around here. I had an SCA meeting on Thursday and we all showed up (for the most part) early, so we left early as well. T, the girls, and I were actually an hour early, I wanted to get going and T thought it was later so we left for the meeting way too early. Ah well, it was a downpour at the time was crazy hard and it was probably best that we got going so early so we didn't have to rush in the rain. After the meeting we started working on our little red wagon conversion into a "carriage" for our oldest. I'll have to post some pictures later. Friday, we finished up the carriage and found all our things for the MN Renaissance Festival we were attending on Saturday. We stayed up to late watching Serenity and went to bed at 12:30am, I of course needing the sleep couldn't sleep past 6:11am, grr. I got up made coffee, we packed up the van and the girls, and were soon on our way with my friend Rach along for the ride. The day was fairly uneventful, my oldest tends to get her pic taken alot, especially at the faire, we all dress up including the girls. My parents met up with us later in the day and my parents ended up purchasing me a new tea mug, yippie. I also got a huge jar of Spicy Herb Pickled Garlic and two super cute pictures for my living room/kid room area. The day was beautiful, but the walking tended to get tough at times. I'm definately still tired, even though I was in bed last night by ten and didnt get up until 7am. I'm hoping to do the same tonight, we'll see. My mid-Aug KAL is finished and now I'm going to make a matching Ballband, I also need to get going on baby hats for charity, gift, and my future babe. I almost forgot to mention that I RPGd with my hubby, his buddy Trin and his cousin Bill most of the day, when the kids are awake lets just say it's interesting. Sorry no pics yet, but I will be sure to post some in the next few days. Night all.

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