Today has totally been a yarn day...

So after my wonderous surprise this morning, I have dinner with the family this evening and go shopping with my mom and sis for my sis's school supplies. I happen to mention the super walmart's lack of knitting and how I heard that Pamida is having a yarn sale and my mom proceeds to take me over there and drop $13 on me in SnC cotton. I feel like the luckiest girl around right now, especially in yarn world. And to make it even better she then takes us out for DQ, mmm chocolate chip cookie dough, oreo cookie, banana blizzard, and no that isn't a prego thing, its actually an every time blizzard thing. Then when I got home I showed me mum all of the wonderful things kristy had given to me and she ooed and ahhed as well. Yeah for today, lets hope the rest of the week can keep up. :D
Yeah .99 yarn, I promised I would make my mom a dishcloth or two from all of this, no prob mom, I have a couple of patterns in mind already, a ballband sounds good and the current KAL would be awesome as a set dont ya think. :)

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