4th premee hat

I just posted this afternoon on my SnB group my most recently finished object, another Premee Baby Hat. It's pink varigated, I dont remember the name or brand but if I find the label I'll let ya know. I plan to also make a pink top, pink varigated rib one, and 2 all pink ones and a blue varigated, so that my boy and girl options are equal. Then it's off to gender neutral land, I have some "white", not sure on the color right at the moment, that I'm going to make into hats as well as some very pretty varigated. Ooh I should get some yule/xmas varigated for the holiday babies that are sure to come. My poor brain is a turnin'. But first before I do anymore baby hats at the moment I need to finish my KAL I got a late start because I wasnt happy with my color choices and had to get some new color options (thanks mom for the cotton), I'm actually making the KAL and giving her the cloth as a thank you for the yarn. You know I dont think I've kept but one of the many washcloths I've knit so far, and the one I kept was my first one and it royally sucked. hmmm need to get working on that. But I also need to get my newest-to-be's hat and kimono done and also get the gift hat done, not to mention working on my fetching gloves.

Knit, Knit, knit, I wish I had more time to knit.

Sorry about the soda can.

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