This weekend....

Definately a busy weekend, I got started on my premee hat, frogged it, restarted, tinked some, now I've got it. That's what I get for using vague directions. Ah well.

It was my dad's 50th birthday and sister's 21st birthday party on Saturday, lots of people showed, my sis was bummed not as many for her. But what do ya do. I still owe her a bottle of some type of booze, we'll see what I find, I hate buying any kind of liquor when I'm pregnant. Too many dirty looks.

T & I also had some new friends over Friday evening and Sunday afternoon for RPGing T's new game he created. It was fun and nice to hang with some new faces, even if we miss the old. After Sunday's session we went to the In-law's for dinner and hung out for a bit, I think the girls had fun hanging out with Grandma Teri. She has new and different toys you know.

Saturday morning before we were off to Grandma Tee and Grandpa Mike's house for the party, we had quite the adventure and you may not want to keep reading if your not a Gross kid story fan.

The twins decided taking off their poopy diapers in the middle of the night and sleeping amoung their shat was a good idea. T was gone for the morning, golfing with my dad for his birthday, so I was alone to scrub both girls in the sink, lets just say, GROSS. And definately not my ideal way to wake up and start being motivated in the morning. Oye friggin' vaye.

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