Woodbury Knitting Group

Yeah for knitting group Thursday. I had a good time talking to everyone and I even got ten rows of knitting done, I know it isnt really much, but when you love to talk like I do, well. You can guess. I also got to kind of help someone and find out that one of the ladies is going to come over with her munchkins next week. Better tidy up this weekend :D, of course, this is a precursor to them destroying it all in minutes, if not seconds, like my monkeys did today. I love them but do they really need to pull everything off the shelves and dump all of there toy buckets, oye friggin' vaye. Well off to beddy by. Happy knitting all, I will get around to scanning and posting mid-july one of these days and when august's is done I'll post that too. On another note, bummer on not getting to go to an SCA event this weekend, not enough funds after the twins bday weekend, ah well. Maybe next year.

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