So You Think You Can Dance.........

YIPPIE!!!! Benji won SYTYCD!!!!!!! I'm so happy, he is the one I thought should win the most, although all four of the finalists were great and Travis definately exceled. Benji just rocked it in everything he did and he always brought the right kind of energy to the performance to make it come off without a hitch. I also called the last performance being the Tranji one, I figured after they cut the girls that that was what would happen, It made the most sense. I think it was a better performance of it last week, but I also think they all did a ton more dancing tonight and that can make the last dance not necessarily the best. Now Travis can go work with Mia Michaels, like she stated earlier in the show, but of course that will be after the tour. I wonder how Benji is going to do the Celine Dion show and the tour??? Maybe he isn't going to do both, but the tour says the top 10 finalists, so I'm not sure. You can read an article on the songs and performances of tonight's show here. As was expected some are unhappy with the results but America voted and I agree, so pbbt. :D Well time for a shower and bed, tomorrow's going to be a toughy, I have a doc appt at 2:45 and that is the middle of juju's nap and just the end of the twins, so that means I get to either wake them up or go early and hope they'll take a snooze in the van while I knit, either way it's going to majorly suck. Why does the appt desk never listen to me, oye? Well off I go, hopefully we'll get a date set either tomorrow or soon, I know I want to know.

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