Lydia Underfoot Oldencia, June 2008 - October 2009

It's a sad day. Our dog of 1 year and a bit had to be euthanized. Please if you disagree don't comment, I don't care what you think, this was a choice that was already hard to make. I really fell in love with this dog, she was so sweet and happy. Even when she wasn't feeling well she would try to make me happy. She had a blockage in her small intestine that wouldn't pass in either direction and we could not afford to get it fixed. Our children come first and with the slow season in housing, hubby's work could be way less, and that money was just not available. It sucks and I hate it, I miss her already. I will miss her 15 minute crazy runs and her click clacking nails on the linoleum. I will miss her being so good as I trimmed and dremeled her toe nails to make her look pretty. I'll miss her hair everywhere and her way she looked at you with her loving very expression-filled eyes. She was a wonderful dog and I miss her so much and I hate that I couldn't do  her. I love you Lydia, enjoy the Summerlands.