Haven't posted for a while

Sorry to be AWOL for so long, not much happening here, Ju is now 6, the Tweedles are recently turned 5, boy is still trouble and 3.5. School has been interesting, a lot of work and just not enough time to do it in. I've been knitting some but nothing is really getting done. I've also done some card weaving, have some trim almost done. Learned how to make glass beads not so long ago, I will have to take some pictures so that you can all see and I can document. Sewing has been keeping me busy, T, boy and I are going to Pennsic and so I have a lot to do before then. really need to get my fitted dress done, would be nice to have one.

My friend Zoƫ and her husband Rob, just visited from England this last weekend and it was great! I was sad to see them go but hope that they have fun with our other knitting friend Kim in Atlanta. Someday I will get over to England and Scotland, and now we know a few more people from over that way. Also T and Rob seemed to hit it off, I think T has the fire to go now too. Woot.


Long time no write...

Well I recently moved this blog from another email address, the address here is screwy but hopefully in 90 days I'll be able to adjust it back to it's normal self.

Not much going on here, I'm in masters school and it's a ton of work. The kids are growing and are a pain in the toosh, hopefully that will get better.

I'm at Perkins right now, just did some homework and am hanging out with my friend Rach.

Life is busy, but good. We're making it all work the best we know how.