Where have I been...

I've been crazy busy. I started working again in October 2011 and it has been a long year. We are all still adjusting to the way things work now vs when I was home. I realize now I should have done more when I was home because now I have no time. The trucking/warehousing industry is way more time consuming then I think most realize.

I have been knitting but slowly. I need to dig out some old projects and move them along, either send them off where they belong or work on them or scrap them and call it moot. I am currently working on a Wingspan and will be doing a hat mystery knit along as soon as I finish the Wingspan. I have some scarves that never got worked on and need to be sent to whom they belong. I also have some knitting gifts for friends that I havent talked to in a long time and send them on their way. I think I hit some kind of high functioning depression for a while and now I need to pull myself up and work it out.

I have lost touch and need to reconnect. Now is the time. So here hopes these arent just words but the start to action.

I also hope to blog more. Why not, I sit in front of a computer all day anyway.

Hope all is well, I know most wont read this, whatever readers I may have once had are most likely long gone but I need to do this for me.

Kids are good, they are learning lots and loving school. SCA has been partly put on Hold but again with the new year we hope to be active again, I miss it. Husband is husbandly and I love him, so all good there too.

Talk to you soon.