Books and news and New look to blog....

So what do you all think of the new look, I think I'm liking it, now if I could find a really nice top pic or something, in time it should come. Man is it chilly today, I'm hoping it will snow soon, I love snow, at least at the beginning of the season. By March/April, I've had my fix.

I've been looking at books online, I'm going to wait a bit but I'm definately adding more to my list. Mosaic Knitting by Barbara Walker ISBN: 094201815x is super cool and so is 200 knitted blocks by Jan Eaton ISBN: 1564775968 and I guess I should give you the info on Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch ISBN: 1564775704

Oh so many books, so little time. I'm finishing up another Ballband for m-i-l and then I may try some mosaic knitting, we'll see there are a lot of other projects I needed to do. I'm going to knit the twins' scarves on one circular both at the same time in just a garter stitch so that all the girls have the same and then I may need to go looking for some blue colored homespun for babe4.

Well I've knitting to do and a blog to play with :D and a daughter to keep out of trouble and a babe to feed boob to, so see yas.


Sorry for the Pause

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this, I've been uber busy and the world with a fourth child seems to never stop. I've done some small decorating for the holidays, I bought a four foot prelit tree for our plant top so the munchkins can keep there hands off. I'll probably put gifts up there as well, pictures later. I knit two scarves for T's visiting family, of course i forgot to take any sort of pictures but they were finished before they went out to find some snow, being as we have a lack of at the moment. It's hard to decorate for the holidays when there isn't any snow. Any who, I didn't finish the one with the Suri Dream, I just don't like the yarn, I may still finish it for a gift for someone else, but we'll see. It really isn't the kind of yarn you can easily rip back, grr. I'm going to pay a bit closer of attention to the types of yarn I buy from now one, super bulky doesn't always mean a big thick fluffy yarn but more of a skinny with crazy fuzzy yarn, at least in this case. I really should get the twins' scarves up and going and finished soon, they'll need them if we ever get any snow. But first I'm going to do some nice easy cotton washcloths, I've not knit all week because of how rushed I felt doing the two scarves, I'm feeling bad about not knitting but I can't seem to pick up the needles because it felt more like a chore then something fun, maybe knitting group next week will help me get into the groove.

Hope all had a great Turkey day, I know mine was over filling. :D


Books to buy.....

So I'm fighting myself on if I should buy Sensational Knitted Socks and Knitting Vintage Socks now or be a good girl and wait a bit. It's just that T goes out and spends all this money on hunting stuff and there is so much knitting stuff at great prices right now out there that I want to buy too. He came home with two new compasses as they were a "great deal" and I would love to use that excuse but he would have it, yet I'm supposed to just go with the flow, argh. I want these books but I don't necessarily need them right now, ah what to do, what to do.

By the way, one of these days I'll take a pic of the Kimono I knit my new little buddy, I promise :D

OTN: Scarf for T's cousin from Texas, hand towel gift, poncho for juju's baby doll, socks, another hat for my little buddy. Soon to be OTN: Scarf for T's cousin's daughter (she's 4), Scarfs for twins, possibly another ball band for m-i-l, T's fingerless mitts, my fetching mitts, and many holiday gifts.

I may have to go to the number rule where each kid is named after the number order they were born, I cant do age as two are the same age by 2 minutes. So I think Juju will be one, Rosie will be two, Rae will be three, and my new little buddy will be four. We'll see. :P


Quick Update

I got to get out of the house with Sebastian last night, we went to knitting group, it was fun, but exhausting. Outings still take it out of me and 10pm is officially bed time. So some of my stitch markers came and 10 balls of sock yarn (2 colors) from ebay have arrived but no knitpicks stuff yet. I think their trying to kill me with impatience and anticipation.

T and I got a new lappy, actually it's going to be mostly mine and is what I'm using now to type this, we have to pay m-i-l back she bought it new from a co-worker. I'm very excited it is very nice.

Well someone needs some mommy goodness and hates to wait, so I'll sign off for now. :P