Day 30... The End...

Of the month that is. It was a decent month, crazy but decent. My children did some things that make me wonder how they are ever going to make adulthood let alone tomorrow some days. But all in all it was an okay month.

Today was just another day but at least T is home but otherwise nothing interesting. I didn't even get to knitting, I just didn't feel like doing much of anything.

Well this is going to be a small post because I'm spending time with my hubby. So hopefully everyone had a good month and I'm off to do some hang time

We're watching Avatar Season 3 on Nickelodeon and snuggling.


Day 29... Wow cutting it close today...

Today was an outing day, we went to the mall. My mom, the kids and I. We went on the carousel 3 times in a row, I got dizzy by the third time. No food in my belly didn't really help. Then some shopping, hair cuts and santa. And no children screamed this time, YAY. Did a little bit more shopping, then went to dinner at Olive Garden and then home. Kids never got naps today so they slept on the way home and then went straight to bed. Mom and I played some cards, then she went home and I am now watching Buffy.

Otherwise, I'm boring and going to start knitting a new hat.

Now I'm going to have a conversation with someone about there speakers at this time of night.

My color meme...

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Day 28... I almost forgot again...

But at least I'm almost done with every day posts. I'm going to try and keep up and every few but I'm sure you all are sick of reading about how dull my life is. Sorry but I still don't have the pics of my m-i-l's hat I'll email her and have her email them to me.

I did find out about my test results and they were weird, I need to call the doctor on Monday and ask whats the what. I'm not allergic to shrimp but I am allergic to crab, which I don't eat anyway so it didn't really matter. Except I had a severe reaction like I had crab and I hadn't had any. My m-i-l and hubby both think its because the shrimp is handled in the same place as other seafoods and there could have been transfer. Hubby had only heated up the shrimp not really doing any hard boil or broil for that matter to them. So I'm still avoiding all sea food, especially shell fish, just to be safe.

Kids were eh today, we had some very trying moments but in the end its all a test and hopefully I'll eventually win. Yeah right, but one can dream.

Well I'm exhausted, I haven't been sleeping well. My facebook is fixed, I plan to knit some either tomorrow or Sunday for sure. And I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so I'm going to go to bed now. Night all.


Day 27... Happy Turkey Day...

Happy Thanksgiving
to all that celebrate it, otherwise everyone else have a great Thursday.

We're dressing up in our nice clothes and going o go spend the day with family. I made a pumpkin pie and my s-i-l is making an apple and m-i-l is making a sour cream raisin deliciousness.

I hope I'll get to knit soon but probably not. The kids are watching Speed Racer the movie right now and its awesome they are dancing and chanting "Go Speed Racer" very cute. I love the colors in that movie very cool, I sometimes wish I lived in a colorful world like that. I also love Christina Ricci, she is such an excellent actor.

Well I need to get all the munchkins ready to go and I need to get dressed myself, I wish I had a cute long jean skirt to wear today but of course I don't. ah well I'll figure something out.


Day 26... I have to run...

I have to run now, grocery shopping and pie making supplies. I'm making homemade pumpkin pie, it was going to be started at 10 this morning but my pumpkins had froze and then rotted and are no good now, ugh. So I'm off to buy supplies, try and find some pumpkins and hope this all turns out okay.

Otherwise just another boring day, I took a snooze and dealt with children. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have lots to get done.

I hope you all are better prepared than I.

Off to run, night all.


Day 25... I think this is my post today...

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I think this is kinda me, what do you all think???


Today was a day, not a good one but a day. I don't really want to talk about it. So I'm leaving you with this meme that I got from the Samurai Knitter.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow, I know I am.


Day 24... not much to say...

Not much going on here, my friend Rach came over with her wii and we played that all day, the kids watched and played, had a few moments but in general okay I guess. We had meatloaf and I made banana bread and regular bread. No knitting, not much computer time. I'm living on the edge with only 3 diapers for tomorrow morning, I'll get more after I take Ju to school. Wal-mart has me cornered when it comes to those on school days.

I really don't know what else to say. I guess, well, hubby is fine, his dad got a small doe and my sister got a decent size one. My m-i-l's birthday is today but she already got her gift, I'll get pics for you all soon. I'm waiting for a call about my allergy test, they just took my blood and send it somewhere. I got part of my TSSSP's big gift today. Other than that not much to say.

Talk to ya all later and don't forget to click the baby and egg dragons, Thank you.


Day 23... Just another day...

Kids were relatively good today, I'm mean they weren't perfect by any means but they were good enough. There were a few times when they tried my patience but over all I didn't want to walk out so not terrible.

My friend Rach is coming over tomorrow, we're going to play the wii and hang out. I need to bake bread for Ju's school and I'm going to make some banana bread, since my friend Emily suggested it I've wanted banana bread.

I didn't knit today because my hands hurt from the mad dash knitting I did this last week, so I rested them today. Although I really didn't want to. Ju and I had cocoa and a movie tonight after the rest went to bed. She did all right until the end of the movie and I think the sugar got her a little restless near the end. MMmmmm homemade cocoa, yum yum.

Well I'm going to go relax on the coach, night all.

My dragons...

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Day 22... Widows weekend...

So this is first official day of Widow's Weekend here in Wisconsin, where the hubby is gone hunting and I'm home alone. I took the kids today and we went to granny's house, which ironically is almost literally over the river and through the woods. We got there around 4p, before that I basically just worked my fingers to pain on the second fingerless mitt. When I got there it wasn't done but I just kept working on it until it was done. She loved them, I'll have pictures as soon as she makes me a disk. We'll be over there on Thursday so possibly Friday.

We went over and had teenie weenie chili and wine spritzer as a candle light dinner with my s-i-l Jane and my m-i-l, very nice. The chili was delicious, and so were the cookies for dessert, it was a great meal and I didn't have to cook it, which made it even better.

I'm exhausted now and ready for bed, but I'll probably wait until the kids fall back asleep, its always tough for the tweedles once they've woken up. I'll give them a little bit and then it will be time to put my foot down and make them go to sleep.

Well I'm out of words for tonight so, night all.


Day 21... It's a Friday...

Well it was a day, I didn't sleep well because I kept waking up in a panic thinking I was late getting up with the kids. I wasn't late getting them up but my brain was in quite the disagreement.

The day went as usual except that T had gotten up way earlier and so he was home early as well. We hung out for a bit and he let me take a little snooze, then he packed up and now is off hunting. I really hope he gets a few deer, we could use the meat.

I've got one fingerless mitten done, while I was weaving in some ends, I of course was stupid and started watching "House on Haunted Hill" not a good choice before bed. So now I'm starting with Season 1 of Buffy, tee hee, I love some of the phrases of how they talked in the beginning. "Do you have an elsewhere to be" HA.

Okay, I'm going to start the second mitt and watch this one episode and then bed.

"Basically its a whole sucking thing" Hee


Day 20... Well that started real well...

I set my alarm for 6.30am thinking I could get a better start on a school day, except of course I hit snooze and then off and fell back to sleep until 8, urgh. Ju had an accident, my fault, but at least she was only 5 minutes late to school. We did a military style get up and move today, type thing with no tv and milk in the van instead of right away, we may be changing our regular schedule from now on.

Well errands were run after drop off and then we picked up Ju and ran a few more errands and then home and naps. Ra poot on the potty with asking and everything, awesome. Maybe the potty training thing will happen soon.

Well I have to go get tested for allergies and then off to knit night. Everyone have a great evening.


Day 19... Just another day...

Not much going on in mi casa, life as normal. I did finish the hat this morning, ends and all, just need to do a slight block. I'm also making some handwarmers, hopefully they turn out I'm winging it. We'll see if 32 sts is enough I have a feeling I'm going to need more, and in that lies a problem because the pattern is a 16 st repeat, so I may just leave it with the 32, it fits over my wrist and my m-i-l has smaller wrists, I hope. Keep your fingers crossed.

On the family front, I caught Ra doing the vampire strike to Se's thigh, yeah not happy with her right now. They were rough housing and I'm guessing he did something she didn't like and that is how she retaliates. He's fine, he was over it in a few seconds, got some mommy kisses and was over it. I don't know what I'm going to do with her.

Ju had some attitude issues as well today, but nothing more than normal, just a lack of following direction and listening. We had a talk about taking better care of the things mommy makes her. I gave an example of asking her how she would feel if I took something she drew or made and I crumpled it up and threw it on the floor for the puppy to play with. Well I think she got the message, because she definitely didn't like that idea and then I explained that's how I felt when she left her nice knitted things on the floor scattered for the puppy to play with. We'll see how much sank through and how much just went in one ear and out the other.

Well I'm off to bed, I know before midnight by almost an hour, but tomorrow is knit night and I'm going to go to the doctor to get tested for allergies, so I figure I should get some rest. Night all.


Day 18... My hands hurt...

So I've been knitting almost constantly since 7pm, my hands hurt. I'm almost done with the hat and then I'm going to adjust the basic pattern for a pair of fingerless mittens. I plan to finish the last 9 rows tonight, damn it, :P.

Any who, Ju had school today, we were late, I need to get everything going sooner in the morning, I'm going to try 6.30a on Thursday and we'll see how that works. Thursday is going to be a long day. Anyways, back today, I was late getting Ju to school, ran some errands, late picking up Ju, and then a few more errands and home. I put the tweedles' hair into water fountain pigtails, very adorable and when I looked in the rear view all I could see was Ro's piggys over the back of the chair, too funny.

Well, I'm off to finish the hat and then bed. Night all.


Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Day 17... What a shitty day... literally...

Today involved a lot of poot as Ro likes to call it. We'll leave it at that but they day was filled with it. Plus we replaced the battery in the van and that was just temperamental.

I knit the first pattern repeat of the hat, I have 19 more rows and than the decrease chart and I'm set. The way the yarn is shaping up for yardage I'm definitely going to need the second ball and now I'm thinking 1-2 more so I can make fingerless mittens that match, hmmm, things to ponder.

Other than that not much happening here because I'm in cramp city and dont want to move let alone think of doing anything but laying still, not that that happened even remotely. Did I mention the poo...

Well I fell asleep watching CSI so I'm off to bed. Another not so thrilling day in my life completed and off to the next.


Day 16... Another Long day...

T had a little butchering clean up to do left and he had to do some turkeys, we now have 2 turkeys for a whole $5, they're farm fed so definitely no butterball. But they will be good I think, I got one of those needles for injecting butter and flavors so we'll see how they turn out. One of them is a general meal the other is for Yule.

I also worked on the hat for not my husband and that really did my fingers in. I'm typing late again because I got into the pattern and couldn't really stop, almost 4 hours of knitting this evening.

T made dinner tonight, which was a nice change of pace. He made cow heart with gravy (I actually made the gravy) so it was kinda stroganoff-esque, with mashed potatoes and hand pealed carrots steamed. It was a good dinner.

Well I better be off to bed, I'll try to write earlier tomorrow, this right before bed at midnight thing really needs to stop.


Day 15... Where did the time go...

I was planning on going to bed at a decent time tonight but no I got sucked into the internet and the food channel on thanksgiving. Today was better, not by much but better. T has to be gone again tomorrow. The cow is almost done being butchered, they have clean up tomorrow and need to wrap the meat that they are hanging for a few days and then they'll cut that up too.

I forgot to mention what happened with my eyes. Well they are basically fine, I'm supposed to be putting eye drops in them but keep forgetting and my prescription really isn't one its -.50 for both eyes, the doctor suggested I get night driving glasses but it wasn't a necessity so we'll see, oh and I need to wear sunglasses if I'm going to be in the sun for more than 20 minutes. yay.

Well no knitting today, I took a two hour nap instead. I couldn't stay awake while I was on the computer or even reading, so I gave up and took a scattered nap. I know I had at least 1 hour uninterrupted. And now I'm going to go to bed. Night.


Day 14... What a day...

The children were rotten today, lots of little naughtiness especially after nap time, but before was so hot either. Ju is having some listening issues of late, she just doesn't do as she's told and has some attitude issues we're dealing with right now.

On the good news front, my NDS came home to me today and its all fixed, YAY!!! I'm so happy to have it back, and I have a list of games I would like to buy all figured out, now the moneys.

I finished the gray side of T's hat, he made a comment about it not being as deep as before when I tried it on his head. You know, when it had a friggin' hole in the top, so now I'm considering pulling it out, even though I already wove in the ends. I'm going to think on it while I do some other projects, he won't need it until the really cold comes and that won't be probably for a while.

Alright, lack of sleep last night is making it hard to pay attention to what I'm typing so I'm off to bed. I hope tomorrow is better.

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Day 13... Stupid van...

Eye appointment tonight and then knitting, I have a feeling their going to tell me I need glasses, gut feeling and all that.

Earlier today I went to pick up Ju and the van decided that when I wanted to leave that it decided it didn't want to start, argh. Fortunately my father-in-law was available to give the van a jump. It worked, were going to investigate further.

I'll expand on the post late I just wanted to get in something before I left.


Day 12... Carry on...

Nothing to see here. I got up with the kids, we made breakfast. T went to work, the kids and I cleaned up the basement. They did their toys and I folded clothes. Nap times happened, Ju painted with her watercolors, and I did computer stuff. Kids got up from naps, we played and hung out. I made dinner, homemade macaroni and cheese, with chicken nuggets and chopped broccoli, the kids liked it so it must have been good. Kids went to bed, and I watched tv and knit. I got my second traveling scarf section done and I used my first handspun from the wheel, so I have two to mail out now. YAY! I got yarn on Tuesday and got the beads on it today, they fit on perfectly.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, I have lots of running around to do and Ju has school. In the afternoon, I'm getting my eyes checked, I have a feeling I'm going to need glasses, but watch my eyes will work fine when I get there. Its always that way for me. Well I'm all tuckered out so I'm going to go to bed. Night all.


Day 11... Nothing to see here...

Not much going on in mi casa, kids are fine, we had a school day, so busy busy. I some how bumped into something, clutzy me, and bruised my ass, I remember hitting and thinking that's going to bruise but I can't remember what I had bumped into for the life of me, ugh. Then during dinner I burned my pinky on my left hand, which really sucks because its right where the yarn goes over my finger when I knit. Ugh, so I only got an hour of knitting in and that's even with a band-aid half way through the hour.

Other than that not much really happened tonight, I'm boring. Tomorrow I have a bunch of phone calls to make and hopefully some laundry done. I'm a thrill a minute. I'm going to go to bed now, night all.


Day 10... I almost forgot...

I actually almost forgot to post tonight. I had my last knitting 101 class tonight, it seemed like they all caught on, it was almost a perfect learning curve. One got it great, one was in the middle doing fairly well, and the last was getting it but had some difficulties still today. I think the main problem was that we were meeting every other week instead of every week. It made it difficult to continue if you screwed up early in the first week and had to wait another week and a half to find out answers. Especially when you don't want to look up where the teacher suggested for help, or you can't look up the info.

I'm signed up to do two more classes in January, one is a hat class and another will be knitting 101 again. There was a survey type thing done at the library and I guess a lot of people circled that they would like to learn to knit, so I'm doing the class again. This time it will be an every week thing and hopefully it will work out. I think I'm going to charge the same this time too, $10 does seem reasonable for three seasons in a class. We'll see, I mean the student provides the tools so its only costing me time.

Well I'm off to bed, night all or mornin' if that's your time zone/hemisphere :D


Thank You Ingus

Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2008

"Star Wars" - an a capella tribute to John Williams

Day 9... Well it's Sunday...

Clothiers was great, I did not get to go any yarn shops, they were all closed. I learned a lot in all the classes, it makes me wish I had someone to give me more direction to do more period things. Someone I can ask questions and not feel like an idiot when I get a response. Now that doesn't mean that I don't ask stupid questions sometimes or even that I always get treated like an idiot, its just I would like someone I could ask and it wouldn't be and issue.

Okay enough of my introspective, So anyway I went to dinner with Ingus, Catchia, Ian (their little boy that is just a doll), Beth (Yeti), and Kat (Ingus's Student). We ate at Applebee's and dinner was pretty good, we played musical cars too. Catchia rode with me to Applebee's from the event and from dinner to her house. Then from their house, Ingus rode with me to G and Padriug's, then I brought Beth home.

I had a good time at G's and Padriug's house, its really nice and very spacious, especially for two people, they have their own spaces and can breathe. They really got a nice place. Padruig and I had a really nice chat and G should everyone a really "fantastic" picture of someone's idea of knitted garb, we'll just say it was very wrong and I'm totally not in the full know but I know better than that.

Well my monkeys are hungry so I'm going to make some yummys and I'll chat with you all later.

PS I am fine from my ER visit, I just have to avoid shrimp and for the first time I actually had to ask in a restaurant that they make sure that my chicken didn't touch where they grill the shrimp. ugh.

PPS I did get to knit during the classes, that was cool.


Day 8... Clothing for men...

Today is Clothiers, and I'm very excited to go, the only thing I'm not hot on is I'm worried my hives will come back and if I take Benadryl it will knock me on my ass. I don't think I'll have an issue but who knows what caused the reaction in the first place.

I'm going to bring my knitting, hopefully I'll get a little time to work on T's hat. I'm also thinking of stopping at local yarn store, if they're open that is, to get some alpaca for my m-i-l for a hat. We'll see.

Well I'm going to go get ready to leave, those that will be their, see ya there, those that wont, take care. I'll write up how it went later.


Day 7... I hate the ER....

So I had to go to the ER tonight, I had a severe allergic reaction to something. They think the shrimp, so I'm going to go get tested. YAY ;P I'm all doped up on Benadryl right now so I'm just going to post a couple pictures and get to bed.

PS First is cornbread with children's finger marks, Second is Stitch markers from Traveling Scarves Swap Partner, Third and Fourth is snow on the neighbor houses/yards.


Day 6... Why me...

So I've lost my keys, I can't find them anywhere, I have a spare set but of course there wasn't a house key on them so I ended up being locked out of the house in the rain with four kids. I then had a good idea and called my sister, she has a spare for our house thank goodness. She dropped it off and hid it and I now have it, still havent found the missing keys though, ugh. I wish I knew what I did with them its not like there hard to see, they have a ton of keys and other stuff and a long 4 stranded round braid of red and green leather, ugh.

Now it's almost time for knit night, I still have a wicked sinus/head cold thing going on but what can I do but suck it up and go. Somedays life is just difficult, at least Saturday I get to go out and enjoy myself, and I might get to go to an after party.

Well, I'm off so you all have a great evening if that is your timetable.


Day 5... Only in our home...

So the kids are playing having a good time with the puppy, when I hear this loud scrape against a wall and a thud. Here the vibrations of the kids running by the door touching it and then running away some how knocked over a 3' meat cleaver that was propped up behind the door. Of course I run over to investigate and what happens the door wont open, the damn thing is the perfect length to jamb the door shut and its close enough to the door that I can barely open it and cant even see the wall just the door jamb. I push a little but no go, so I waited until hubby got home, he pushed and I put my arm in there and finally got it up and boy was that thing jammed good, nice gauge in the sheet rock now too. Awesome more to fix before we re-paint, not that that will be happening anytime soon.

In other news, I'm on the decreases of hubby's hat, for the first half anyway. I'll work on it more tomorrow, right now I'm watching Lethal Weapon 4 and typing this, gearing up for bed.

Honestly, I swear this kinda stuff only happens to us, why I don't know but hey it keeps things interesting. Also if you notice I finally got a dragon all grown up and two hatchlings, and don't forget the eggs :D, please keep clicking on them, they need the love to continue to grow.

PS If you're on plurk comment your name and I'll friend you, I'm bhuidhe.


Day 4... Did ya Vote...

Great if ya did, if ya didn't it's none of my business, I did, and that's all I need to know.

Today was a long day, we played at the park while Ju was in school, lots of sand in the hair, yay. I did a little knitting while I watched, we were the only ones there so I was able to look down at my knitting for a sec and not worry about someone disappearing. Picked up Ju, today was picture day. Came home had lunch, plurked, knit, stalked some groups on Ravelry and in general had an okay day. Made roasted chicken with celery, carrot, onion, and potato, it was tasty.

The kids were a little moody today but that's really not anything new. Voted after hubby got home from his teeth cleaning and voting. Put the kids to bed soon after that, and now I'm listening to LnV, trying to get caught up and knitting my mystery sock.

And here is a picture of the first cuff (bottom of post), I made one mistake, I knit one row instead of purl, but I wasn't going to fix it, I'm okay with it and kinda like it, I haven't decided if I'm going to do the same thing to the second sock yet.

Also I hate to bug anyone that bothers to read this but could you please click on my baby dragon and 4 eggs, they need as many clicks as you can be bothered to give to live. Thank you.


Day 3... Mondays, Ugh...

Listened to LnV tonight, caught up on CSI via the internet, watched 3 episodes of NCIS on USA, made dinner, did dishes, cast on mystery sock, cuddled with the kids, watched Princess Diaries with Ju. Did Mommy stuff and basically had a decent day, not the best, not the worst. Just a day.

I will have a picture for you soon on the hat and the sock. Tomorrow is a school day for Ju, so we'll be doing that and hopefully I'll get some decent knitting time in. I need to remember to get the chicken out from the freezer to thaw out by the time I get home so I can slow cook with some potatoes and carrots in the oven for dinner.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow, and that's the most political I'm going to get. I'll hopefully be more forthcoming tomorrow, but now that LnV is done in my ears I'm going to go sit and knit until midnight and than bed. Night all.


Day 2... Things I forgot...

I totally forgot to mention a very cool thing I'm getting to do... I'm going to do a Traveling Scarves Scarf (ravelry), every couple of weeks you get a scarf in the mail and than you knit a bit on it and than pass it on. I'm very excited to own a one of a kind scarf that a bunch of people have worked on. It's really a neat idea.

Worked some on the hat again, hopefully this afternoon/evening I'll be able to start the sock. I also have a few other projects I would like to get done.

Well we're eating breakfast so I'm going to stop and eat but when the mood strikes sometimes you need to respond. If anything interesting happens later I'll add to this post.


Day 1... Knitting news

Well not much really happening in the house, puppy's not really growing up, she's super cute. Kids are crazy as normal, always getting their fingers where they dont belong, aka the cornbread that was on the rolling cart, the turkeys. Hubby is hunting, hopefully he'll get a deer this weekend. And I'm going to go to Clothiers Seminar on Nov 8.

I watch the Sex and the City Movie again tonight, still love it, it made me laugh and cry and laugh some more. I did a bit of knitting on Hubby's hat I'm almost to my 4" and the start of decreases, I really hope this works out and fits him. I'm knitting it from sock yarn on size 2 needles and it will be double sided, one side gray and one side blue.

I'm also starting up a pair of socks for myself, its the mystery sock for November SKA (ravelry) Group, I'm really excited to get it started, I caked the yarn earlier so that it is all set.

Well I think I'm done for tonight but I will be yacking at you again tomorrow, so night.

PS Don't forget to give my lil' dragon a click

PPS The cornbread