Day 5... Only in our home...

So the kids are playing having a good time with the puppy, when I hear this loud scrape against a wall and a thud. Here the vibrations of the kids running by the door touching it and then running away some how knocked over a 3' meat cleaver that was propped up behind the door. Of course I run over to investigate and what happens the door wont open, the damn thing is the perfect length to jamb the door shut and its close enough to the door that I can barely open it and cant even see the wall just the door jamb. I push a little but no go, so I waited until hubby got home, he pushed and I put my arm in there and finally got it up and boy was that thing jammed good, nice gauge in the sheet rock now too. Awesome more to fix before we re-paint, not that that will be happening anytime soon.

In other news, I'm on the decreases of hubby's hat, for the first half anyway. I'll work on it more tomorrow, right now I'm watching Lethal Weapon 4 and typing this, gearing up for bed.

Honestly, I swear this kinda stuff only happens to us, why I don't know but hey it keeps things interesting. Also if you notice I finally got a dragon all grown up and two hatchlings, and don't forget the eggs :D, please keep clicking on them, they need the love to continue to grow.

PS If you're on plurk comment your name and I'll friend you, I'm bhuidhe.

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