Day 14... What a day...

The children were rotten today, lots of little naughtiness especially after nap time, but before was so hot either. Ju is having some listening issues of late, she just doesn't do as she's told and has some attitude issues we're dealing with right now.

On the good news front, my NDS came home to me today and its all fixed, YAY!!! I'm so happy to have it back, and I have a list of games I would like to buy all figured out, now the moneys.

I finished the gray side of T's hat, he made a comment about it not being as deep as before when I tried it on his head. You know, when it had a friggin' hole in the top, so now I'm considering pulling it out, even though I already wove in the ends. I'm going to think on it while I do some other projects, he won't need it until the really cold comes and that won't be probably for a while.

Alright, lack of sleep last night is making it hard to pay attention to what I'm typing so I'm off to bed. I hope tomorrow is better.

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