Day 21... It's a Friday...

Well it was a day, I didn't sleep well because I kept waking up in a panic thinking I was late getting up with the kids. I wasn't late getting them up but my brain was in quite the disagreement.

The day went as usual except that T had gotten up way earlier and so he was home early as well. We hung out for a bit and he let me take a little snooze, then he packed up and now is off hunting. I really hope he gets a few deer, we could use the meat.

I've got one fingerless mitten done, while I was weaving in some ends, I of course was stupid and started watching "House on Haunted Hill" not a good choice before bed. So now I'm starting with Season 1 of Buffy, tee hee, I love some of the phrases of how they talked in the beginning. "Do you have an elsewhere to be" HA.

Okay, I'm going to start the second mitt and watch this one episode and then bed.

"Basically its a whole sucking thing" Hee

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