Day 23... Just another day...

Kids were relatively good today, I'm mean they weren't perfect by any means but they were good enough. There were a few times when they tried my patience but over all I didn't want to walk out so not terrible.

My friend Rach is coming over tomorrow, we're going to play the wii and hang out. I need to bake bread for Ju's school and I'm going to make some banana bread, since my friend Emily suggested it I've wanted banana bread.

I didn't knit today because my hands hurt from the mad dash knitting I did this last week, so I rested them today. Although I really didn't want to. Ju and I had cocoa and a movie tonight after the rest went to bed. She did all right until the end of the movie and I think the sugar got her a little restless near the end. MMmmmm homemade cocoa, yum yum.

Well I'm going to go relax on the coach, night all.

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