Day 27... Happy Turkey Day...

Happy Thanksgiving
to all that celebrate it, otherwise everyone else have a great Thursday.

We're dressing up in our nice clothes and going o go spend the day with family. I made a pumpkin pie and my s-i-l is making an apple and m-i-l is making a sour cream raisin deliciousness.

I hope I'll get to knit soon but probably not. The kids are watching Speed Racer the movie right now and its awesome they are dancing and chanting "Go Speed Racer" very cute. I love the colors in that movie very cool, I sometimes wish I lived in a colorful world like that. I also love Christina Ricci, she is such an excellent actor.

Well I need to get all the munchkins ready to go and I need to get dressed myself, I wish I had a cute long jean skirt to wear today but of course I don't. ah well I'll figure something out.

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