Day 28... I almost forgot again...

But at least I'm almost done with every day posts. I'm going to try and keep up and every few but I'm sure you all are sick of reading about how dull my life is. Sorry but I still don't have the pics of my m-i-l's hat I'll email her and have her email them to me.

I did find out about my test results and they were weird, I need to call the doctor on Monday and ask whats the what. I'm not allergic to shrimp but I am allergic to crab, which I don't eat anyway so it didn't really matter. Except I had a severe reaction like I had crab and I hadn't had any. My m-i-l and hubby both think its because the shrimp is handled in the same place as other seafoods and there could have been transfer. Hubby had only heated up the shrimp not really doing any hard boil or broil for that matter to them. So I'm still avoiding all sea food, especially shell fish, just to be safe.

Kids were eh today, we had some very trying moments but in the end its all a test and hopefully I'll eventually win. Yeah right, but one can dream.

Well I'm exhausted, I haven't been sleeping well. My facebook is fixed, I plan to knit some either tomorrow or Sunday for sure. And I'm falling asleep at the keyboard so I'm going to go to bed now. Night all.

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