Day 9... Well it's Sunday...

Clothiers was great, I did not get to go any yarn shops, they were all closed. I learned a lot in all the classes, it makes me wish I had someone to give me more direction to do more period things. Someone I can ask questions and not feel like an idiot when I get a response. Now that doesn't mean that I don't ask stupid questions sometimes or even that I always get treated like an idiot, its just I would like someone I could ask and it wouldn't be and issue.

Okay enough of my introspective, So anyway I went to dinner with Ingus, Catchia, Ian (their little boy that is just a doll), Beth (Yeti), and Kat (Ingus's Student). We ate at Applebee's and dinner was pretty good, we played musical cars too. Catchia rode with me to Applebee's from the event and from dinner to her house. Then from their house, Ingus rode with me to G and Padriug's, then I brought Beth home.

I had a good time at G's and Padriug's house, its really nice and very spacious, especially for two people, they have their own spaces and can breathe. They really got a nice place. Padruig and I had a really nice chat and G should everyone a really "fantastic" picture of someone's idea of knitted garb, we'll just say it was very wrong and I'm totally not in the full know but I know better than that.

Well my monkeys are hungry so I'm going to make some yummys and I'll chat with you all later.

PS I am fine from my ER visit, I just have to avoid shrimp and for the first time I actually had to ask in a restaurant that they make sure that my chicken didn't touch where they grill the shrimp. ugh.

PPS I did get to knit during the classes, that was cool.

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