Day 6... Why me...

So I've lost my keys, I can't find them anywhere, I have a spare set but of course there wasn't a house key on them so I ended up being locked out of the house in the rain with four kids. I then had a good idea and called my sister, she has a spare for our house thank goodness. She dropped it off and hid it and I now have it, still havent found the missing keys though, ugh. I wish I knew what I did with them its not like there hard to see, they have a ton of keys and other stuff and a long 4 stranded round braid of red and green leather, ugh.

Now it's almost time for knit night, I still have a wicked sinus/head cold thing going on but what can I do but suck it up and go. Somedays life is just difficult, at least Saturday I get to go out and enjoy myself, and I might get to go to an after party.

Well, I'm off so you all have a great evening if that is your timetable.

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