Day 4... Did ya Vote...

Great if ya did, if ya didn't it's none of my business, I did, and that's all I need to know.

Today was a long day, we played at the park while Ju was in school, lots of sand in the hair, yay. I did a little knitting while I watched, we were the only ones there so I was able to look down at my knitting for a sec and not worry about someone disappearing. Picked up Ju, today was picture day. Came home had lunch, plurked, knit, stalked some groups on Ravelry and in general had an okay day. Made roasted chicken with celery, carrot, onion, and potato, it was tasty.

The kids were a little moody today but that's really not anything new. Voted after hubby got home from his teeth cleaning and voting. Put the kids to bed soon after that, and now I'm listening to LnV, trying to get caught up and knitting my mystery sock.

And here is a picture of the first cuff (bottom of post), I made one mistake, I knit one row instead of purl, but I wasn't going to fix it, I'm okay with it and kinda like it, I haven't decided if I'm going to do the same thing to the second sock yet.

Also I hate to bug anyone that bothers to read this but could you please click on my baby dragon and 4 eggs, they need as many clicks as you can be bothered to give to live. Thank you.


  1. That's a very interesting looking sock cuff. I'm excited to see the rest.

  2. Love your choice in colors on the sock! It's going to be beautiful!
    Oh, and 'I'm watching you...' mwahhh!!

    ~Traveling Scarf's Secret Swap Partner