Day 1... Knitting news

Well not much really happening in the house, puppy's not really growing up, she's super cute. Kids are crazy as normal, always getting their fingers where they dont belong, aka the cornbread that was on the rolling cart, the turkeys. Hubby is hunting, hopefully he'll get a deer this weekend. And I'm going to go to Clothiers Seminar on Nov 8.

I watch the Sex and the City Movie again tonight, still love it, it made me laugh and cry and laugh some more. I did a bit of knitting on Hubby's hat I'm almost to my 4" and the start of decreases, I really hope this works out and fits him. I'm knitting it from sock yarn on size 2 needles and it will be double sided, one side gray and one side blue.

I'm also starting up a pair of socks for myself, its the mystery sock for November SKA (ravelry) Group, I'm really excited to get it started, I caked the yarn earlier so that it is all set.

Well I think I'm done for tonight but I will be yacking at you again tomorrow, so night.

PS Don't forget to give my lil' dragon a click

PPS The cornbread

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