Day 22... Widows weekend...

So this is first official day of Widow's Weekend here in Wisconsin, where the hubby is gone hunting and I'm home alone. I took the kids today and we went to granny's house, which ironically is almost literally over the river and through the woods. We got there around 4p, before that I basically just worked my fingers to pain on the second fingerless mitt. When I got there it wasn't done but I just kept working on it until it was done. She loved them, I'll have pictures as soon as she makes me a disk. We'll be over there on Thursday so possibly Friday.

We went over and had teenie weenie chili and wine spritzer as a candle light dinner with my s-i-l Jane and my m-i-l, very nice. The chili was delicious, and so were the cookies for dessert, it was a great meal and I didn't have to cook it, which made it even better.

I'm exhausted now and ready for bed, but I'll probably wait until the kids fall back asleep, its always tough for the tweedles once they've woken up. I'll give them a little bit and then it will be time to put my foot down and make them go to sleep.

Well I'm out of words for tonight so, night all.

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