Day 17... What a shitty day... literally...

Today involved a lot of poot as Ro likes to call it. We'll leave it at that but they day was filled with it. Plus we replaced the battery in the van and that was just temperamental.

I knit the first pattern repeat of the hat, I have 19 more rows and than the decrease chart and I'm set. The way the yarn is shaping up for yardage I'm definitely going to need the second ball and now I'm thinking 1-2 more so I can make fingerless mittens that match, hmmm, things to ponder.

Other than that not much happening here because I'm in cramp city and dont want to move let alone think of doing anything but laying still, not that that happened even remotely. Did I mention the poo...

Well I fell asleep watching CSI so I'm off to bed. Another not so thrilling day in my life completed and off to the next.

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