Day 3... Mondays, Ugh...

Listened to LnV tonight, caught up on CSI via the internet, watched 3 episodes of NCIS on USA, made dinner, did dishes, cast on mystery sock, cuddled with the kids, watched Princess Diaries with Ju. Did Mommy stuff and basically had a decent day, not the best, not the worst. Just a day.

I will have a picture for you soon on the hat and the sock. Tomorrow is a school day for Ju, so we'll be doing that and hopefully I'll get some decent knitting time in. I need to remember to get the chicken out from the freezer to thaw out by the time I get home so I can slow cook with some potatoes and carrots in the oven for dinner.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow, and that's the most political I'm going to get. I'll hopefully be more forthcoming tomorrow, but now that LnV is done in my ears I'm going to go sit and knit until midnight and than bed. Night all.

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