Day 16... Another Long day...

T had a little butchering clean up to do left and he had to do some turkeys, we now have 2 turkeys for a whole $5, they're farm fed so definitely no butterball. But they will be good I think, I got one of those needles for injecting butter and flavors so we'll see how they turn out. One of them is a general meal the other is for Yule.

I also worked on the hat for not my husband and that really did my fingers in. I'm typing late again because I got into the pattern and couldn't really stop, almost 4 hours of knitting this evening.

T made dinner tonight, which was a nice change of pace. He made cow heart with gravy (I actually made the gravy) so it was kinda stroganoff-esque, with mashed potatoes and hand pealed carrots steamed. It was a good dinner.

Well I better be off to bed, I'll try to write earlier tomorrow, this right before bed at midnight thing really needs to stop.

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