Day 24... not much to say...

Not much going on here, my friend Rach came over with her wii and we played that all day, the kids watched and played, had a few moments but in general okay I guess. We had meatloaf and I made banana bread and regular bread. No knitting, not much computer time. I'm living on the edge with only 3 diapers for tomorrow morning, I'll get more after I take Ju to school. Wal-mart has me cornered when it comes to those on school days.

I really don't know what else to say. I guess, well, hubby is fine, his dad got a small doe and my sister got a decent size one. My m-i-l's birthday is today but she already got her gift, I'll get pics for you all soon. I'm waiting for a call about my allergy test, they just took my blood and send it somewhere. I got part of my TSSSP's big gift today. Other than that not much to say.

Talk to ya all later and don't forget to click the baby and egg dragons, Thank you.

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