Day 10... I almost forgot...

I actually almost forgot to post tonight. I had my last knitting 101 class tonight, it seemed like they all caught on, it was almost a perfect learning curve. One got it great, one was in the middle doing fairly well, and the last was getting it but had some difficulties still today. I think the main problem was that we were meeting every other week instead of every week. It made it difficult to continue if you screwed up early in the first week and had to wait another week and a half to find out answers. Especially when you don't want to look up where the teacher suggested for help, or you can't look up the info.

I'm signed up to do two more classes in January, one is a hat class and another will be knitting 101 again. There was a survey type thing done at the library and I guess a lot of people circled that they would like to learn to knit, so I'm doing the class again. This time it will be an every week thing and hopefully it will work out. I think I'm going to charge the same this time too, $10 does seem reasonable for three seasons in a class. We'll see, I mean the student provides the tools so its only costing me time.

Well I'm off to bed, night all or mornin' if that's your time zone/hemisphere :D

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