Day 18... My hands hurt...

So I've been knitting almost constantly since 7pm, my hands hurt. I'm almost done with the hat and then I'm going to adjust the basic pattern for a pair of fingerless mittens. I plan to finish the last 9 rows tonight, damn it, :P.

Any who, Ju had school today, we were late, I need to get everything going sooner in the morning, I'm going to try 6.30a on Thursday and we'll see how that works. Thursday is going to be a long day. Anyways, back today, I was late getting Ju to school, ran some errands, late picking up Ju, and then a few more errands and home. I put the tweedles' hair into water fountain pigtails, very adorable and when I looked in the rear view all I could see was Ro's piggys over the back of the chair, too funny.

Well, I'm off to finish the hat and then bed. Night all.

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