Samhain and Halloween

May your candy be sweet and your gathering fun.

We're not going to be home this year to hand out candy because T and I both want to take the kids out. Should be interesting with all of us sick. I guess we just wont be out for long.

Had knit night last night, good times for the most part. Hopefully all that didn't show are well. I wasn't going to but ended up at WallyWorld and bought a pattern and some electric orange fleece to make the pup a coat for hunting/going outside at the in laws during hunting season. Bonus I'll be able to see her when it snows too.

So the colds continue in the house, Se started coughing, Ju is still running her nose, T is getting up in the middle of the night to cough which in turn makes it hard for me to go to sleep when I'm coming to bed at 2am. Ugh, now I just need some food and caffeine (black tea, I'm to lazy to make coffee) And today is a holiday so I was planning to carve our pumpkins and roast seeds and make some kind of pie or whatever. We'll see what happens.

Everyone please be safe tonight.

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