Happy Birthday Lil'Man!!!!

So my youngest is the big 2 today, and I'm a little sad. My baby is growing up, he tells me "no" now and "I down", "Fire" (with the hand out like he's shooting it from his palm), and talkin about "cake". He says so much now it's kinda crazy. He's wearing 24 mth clothing, he still has short legs but his torso is long so it evens out. He still has his naughty moments but in all reality he's a really good kid. He just recently (like yesterday) opened his bedroom door and got out all on his own, crazy. I sure do love him and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Granny & Bumpa got him a car and some really nice clothes. Aunt Janie, Uncle Dan & Cousins got him a small bulldozer and some really nice clothes. Mama Tee & Bumpa got him some really nice clothes as well, he'll be set for fall/winter now. Auntie Rachie got him some books and Uncle Kevin & Future Aunt Melinda got him some trucks. We're getting him Cars the movie as soon as we find a copy, I think it might be his new favorite.

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