Update.. Post Faire Report...

Ren Faire is over, and I'm kinda happy 7 weekends can be just a bit too long. Packing up went well, but the best part of the weekend was I got my red sheep skin/sheerling that is uber soft coat. It was my bonus for working my ass off. I drove home in the morning around 5:30 got home by 7ish, don't have any idea why I didn't get pulled over because I was swerving a ton. I yelled at myself and slapped my face almost the whole way home, I'm so not 19 anymore, oye. I'm very happy my sister was here in the morning for the kids, and T surprised me by getting out of work early so that I could sleep more. I'm still tired but I'll recover.

On another note, I'm very excited to be knitting more and I'm was surprised to find out that 2 people already signed up for the class and it hasn't been on notice for that long. Well I'm going to go figure out some dinner and hopefully find my phone one of these days.

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