Books to buy.....

So I'm fighting myself on if I should buy Sensational Knitted Socks and Knitting Vintage Socks now or be a good girl and wait a bit. It's just that T goes out and spends all this money on hunting stuff and there is so much knitting stuff at great prices right now out there that I want to buy too. He came home with two new compasses as they were a "great deal" and I would love to use that excuse but he would have it, yet I'm supposed to just go with the flow, argh. I want these books but I don't necessarily need them right now, ah what to do, what to do.

By the way, one of these days I'll take a pic of the Kimono I knit my new little buddy, I promise :D

OTN: Scarf for T's cousin from Texas, hand towel gift, poncho for juju's baby doll, socks, another hat for my little buddy. Soon to be OTN: Scarf for T's cousin's daughter (she's 4), Scarfs for twins, possibly another ball band for m-i-l, T's fingerless mitts, my fetching mitts, and many holiday gifts.

I may have to go to the number rule where each kid is named after the number order they were born, I cant do age as two are the same age by 2 minutes. So I think Juju will be one, Rosie will be two, Rae will be three, and my new little buddy will be four. We'll see. :P


  1. Hello...
    I saw you're new on the Authentic SCA site. I just wanted to introduce myself "off-list", so to speak - my name is GrĂ¡inne, and I've got a Gaelic persona, too, in Scotland, so maybe we can share information sometime.
    I'm a little reticent in unfamiliar situations, and I don't post to the list, really.

  2. Wait to buy the books. You may find something even better in a couple of months. In the meanwhile, you still have that money in your pocket.