Tears.... Of JOY...

So I had a great surprise today, and I'm tearing up from it, I promise it isn't just the pregnancy hormone thing. A wonderful lady named Kristy sent me some yarn that we were making a trade for, yarn for bamboo needles(I'm not a fan of that style needle), when as she put it, "In Knitty terms, you've been RAKed (Random Act of Kindness)!" I'm honestly thoroughly surprised, she said she threw in some extra yarn in an email and I honestly thought, oh cool she had some cotton or something she wasn't hot on and is passing it on in hopes I'll like it. Instead I get this very heavy box filled plum full of beautiful yarn. I'm flabbergasted. She also sent the most beautiful stitch markers, and here I've been using rubber binders for the hair, you know the really really little ones. Here are some picks, I don't think I can think of anyway to repay her more than to say Thanks!!! and I'm definitely going to have to knit her something more than my measly bookmark/badge thing. Man, I'm just floored. I've only once had such fine yarn and that is still not in comparison, especially with all my monkeys, now I have some yarn to make them each something very special.

The Box, isn't it HUGE, you should have seen my eyes when I saw it.
One of, if not, the most wonderful letter I've ever received.

Here is some of the yarn, I tried to put like colors together, here's the raspberries and purples, love them. Keep looking down.

Various lovely blues. And that's not all.

Here there is a beautiful green, the white yarn I believe was what the original trade was for, and some really cool multicolored yarn, I believe in the letter that this is the recycled sari silk, I love the feel, look, and colors. Oh wait and there's more.

Some more beautiful greens, raspberries, and some lovely rose. And that still isn't everything that was in this tightly packed box.

And here are the beautiful stitch markers she sent me, I believe she made them herself just for me, I LOVE THEM. The only st mrkrs I have right now are the boye ones I bought and the rubber binders so this is an extra special treat. They have beads with either a flower like design on them or knotwork, and are a beautiful blue with green and gold flecks.

None of the pictures do any of this stuff justice, but that is what I can give with my camera phone. I have a really nice camera but it isn't digital so I would have to develop the film and wait, and who wants to wait with all these lovelies to post about. In the end I guess all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. Ah now to knit, oh the options available, and now I have a STASH, eek. :D :D :D :D

Oh I almost forgot the stipulation, I have to knit a pair of fetching gloves, that is obvious because that was the reason for the yarn/needle exchange, but I also need to knit something else for myself with the yarn given, oh the options and I think at the moment it will be a hard choice. eek eek squeak eek yippie *GRIN*

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    I'm glad your package got there safe and sound :D I'm so happy you like everything, 'm Lady!

    I did make the stitch markers -- especially for you! They're silver plated beads and lapis lazuli:)

    Now lets see you put that yarn to good use :) I'll be watching the bloggie :D

    I got my badge, tea and needles in the mail today too! I'd been wondering what lucky person you knit the 'KNIT' badge for; I was so surprised to find it! I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's perfect! I can't believe you have the patience to knit at that small a scale!! Thanks so much! And ENJOY!

    Kristy (Clotho42)