So I finished two more hats for my knitting group tonight. You can find pictures that I've posted here and I'll put one or two on the bottom of this blog too. I think they are super cute, they fit my daughters' smallest baby dolls, you know the ones that barely fit in an adults hand but are actually proportional to a 1 or 2 year old. One hat is all baby blue and the other is baby blue top with a varigated blue ribbed bottom. The latter is just a smidge bigger and they are both made from cotton. I kind of find it funny that the two hats are made from the first one I made and frogged. I actually could have gotten farther with the two yarned one but I opted for the diffrent colored ribbing straight up instead of halfway through it. I think I'll make a couple pinkish ones next, since I've made three blue, and then maybe some white ones for the more gender nuteral look, or white and green would be cool too. We'll see, I'm tired for now, two was enough for one day, especially since we were RPGing at the same time.

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