Sorry about the lack of regular posts, I'm feeling lousy.
I have a cold and I think my body may be gearing up for the baby, that makes me concerned because I have a week and two days still until the c-section. I have a doc appt on Thursday, we'll see where I'm at then. I may be missing for actually quite a while after the munchkin comes along, dont worry you will all be updated on the new wee one, but after that I may have to break from the comp for a little while (yeah right).

Any who, I've been knitting a lot of washcloths, a set for my sister-i-l, her b-day is coming up Friday the 29th so I need to get the last one of the set done and I'll try to post pics soon. I also have just the seaming left on the kimono, which is going interestingly since I want the seams to show. My Gran knitted the new wee one a whole set with blanket, so her set trumps mine and 'he' will be wearing that home and in the hospital pics instead of mine. That's okay though, mom-i-l will most definately take plenty of pics.

Well my back is hurting and I have knitting to do, so carry on, and tah tah for now. :D

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