So as you can see to the right, I'm done with my hat that was a gift, and I promptly gave it to the mommy-to-be without taking a single picture, oops. I'll have to get some after the babe is born and technically it's not finished because there was a request for a flower and I forgot it at home so hopefully I'll be able to put it on next Thursday. Yes next Thursday, I get knitting group two times in a row because of the extra Thursday in August. Yippie. I'm almost done with my ballband, it aint perfect but my mom wont care and she plans on using them in the kitchen so , ye'eh.

On another note, the twins colored for the first time today, I know 1-year-olds don't really color, but scribbles on paper is fine with me. They watched big sis (2-yr-old) scribble and copied her direction, Ro kept trying to eat the crayon, but I sat there and watched her and made ack ick noises while taking them from her mouth. She'll learn, Ju did. Ra was more maticulus (sp?) about her coloring and had no interest with in the mouthness, fine by me. I'll have to take some pics with the cell later and post there grand pieces of high class art. :D I'm such a proud mama.

Well I need to get my but in gear and get this dishcloth done so I can work on my many other projects, not to mention wait on pins and needles until my Knitpick needles come so I can start and finish my Kimono for my soon-to-be little monkey.

More later.

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  1. I just ordered some of the KP needles too (the Options set)! Hoping they're as good as everyone says they are! I just can't force myself to pay $12+ for the Addis everyone else talks about....I'd rather spend my $$ on the yarn or the fiber to spin it!

    Can't wait to see the new dishcloth! I may yet sign up for that KAL!

    Happy knitting!